Author Topic: ILI-Blocks - Breakout Clone / alpha version (UPDATED)  (Read 21126 times)

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Nice game, I made it to #38 in the highscores :D The music is pretty cool, I especially like SurfOnaSineWave.

Some suggestions; Before a game, when the scroll text and highscores are displayed (I call it "attract mode") maybe you could also insert a screen that displays instructions and all block powerups, like (L-block) = large paddle, (red block) = laserbeams, (green block) = glue ball etc.

When you catch the nuke-powerup, maybe all blocks can shake, or maybe the entire screen.

At first I thought the portal blocks were movable blocks, because of the icons. I think another icon, like a round wormhole thingy, would be better.

The level skip at the end is very clever (to prevent the gameplay-slow-down at end of level), but I think you shouldn't have to press a button to make the level-skip meter rise. Maybe it can rise automatically as long as you stay inside the small area.

#3 now! : 8) In my first attempt, I used level-skip all the time but I didn't realise that it drains all your points. :D
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I put my name into the highscores with 122,626 somewhere on level 12 I think. (I played a lot of arkanoid as a kid) No idea where that score falls at in the table, but I used my forum name.

Background looks really nice.

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Hi phaelax,

you can check out your score here:

ILI-Blocks, my first game ever - please check it out!

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Got to around 110k  :good:

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Hah! I just went through some pretty old backup files... and guess what I came across  :nana:

I just played the game again and it was quite a bit of fun! In case you also want to try I reactivated the game and the online hiscore feature. Downloads are available on the following site:

Lesson learned: never delete stuff, you might regret it some day.

- 32 Levels
- Final Boss
- Map/Soundtrack changes every 8 levels
- Enemies starting at level 24
- Lots of Items
- Lots of blocks

Have a nice week  :booze:

ILI-Blocks, my first game ever - please check it out!

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Great job!
Looks and plays very nice!! :)
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