BACK button, to return to previous position after making a jump to a Function

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How about a BACK button to return to a section of code after jumping to another Function or File? It could be part of a history of last known locations before jumping to a new area of code or new file.

I often hop around code by clicking on a Function to make a change then go back to some code that calls the Function. I've noticed I can be quite slow finding my way back again sometimes. I instinctively look for a 'BACK' button to return to my previous location.


In another editor I use (PSPad) you can set bookmarks by pressing alt+left arrow, remove bookmarks with alt+right arrow and jump between bookmarks with alt+up/down arrow. Very handy for my way of working since I don't need the mouse to get around.


My mate Clive Townsend wrote a text editor in DOS for dev work years ago called DEVIL. You could highlight a section of code, fold it and add an Icon to the particular section. For example a 3.5 Inch floppy Icon for the LOAD/SAVE code and such. It was handy as sometimes you have your code for a section completed and you can just fold it away as you know you don't need to edit it further and give the section a pictorial representation of what the code section is with an icon and label.

Worked really well scrolling through thousands of lines of code :) |

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Wampus idea is great!
IMHO Moru and Spicepixel´s experiences/solutions are better as they seem to me to integrate the functionality of a ´back´ button somehow?

I do enjoy a mouse free situation when coding too.

Maybe people know other solutions to improve navigability on the IDE?

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