Multi-touch on a Dell ST2220T Monitor

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Dell Canada (maybe US or other countries also?) has the ST2220T Multi-touch monitor on sale for the day (the '12 Days of Dell' promotion):

Does anybody know if we could use this with GLBasic, and that GLBasic will pick up multiple mice / inputs?
If so, this would be great for testing multi-touch for tablet and phone games without having to install on the device each time. 
(It is supposed to work with the iOS simulator, but the simulator doesn't work with GLB)

Windows 7 has touch / multi-touch built in, but not sure of the limitations, it may be gesture only (pinch, two finger swipe, etc) and not report multiple 'mice' to the applications.

Also, a company I buy from frequently, has a keyboard with a multi-touch panel on sale, and was wondering the same question, if it would work with GLBasic:

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GLB so far dont support multitouch with Win7. But maybe it will get added?
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Aww, that's too bad!  I wanted to spend $200!
(When are those notepads available Gernot?  :P)

My current project (WIP) :: TwistedMaze <<  [Updated: 2015-11-25]


A possible market for this monitor?¿, or it´s better wait for a future "intelligent" TV´s?¿


Multi-touch on Windows 7 apparently needs to be processed in the normal windows loop as opposed to DirectInput - which would mean two systems would be needed - one for XP and one for Windows 7...


I have requested this as I remember. No glbasic not support multi mice. Directx call might been required. Mame use it (arcade emulator), Might been look on it's source how it's support it's?

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I have that monitor. I asked the same question in the german forum. I didn´t get any answer at all.
In the thread I mention a bmx lib which works just fine. I am using that at the moment.