IDE defaults to the 'Jumps' tab after running game

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Whenever you run and quit your game, the IDE returns with the 'Jumps' tab selected.
I never use the 'Jumps' tab and this is very annoying.  (I live exclusively in the 'Files' tab since I have 25 source files)

It would be nice if the IDE remembered which tab you where in and returned to that same tab.
(or why is it even changing the tab to begin with?)

Actually I would prefer the 'Jumps' and 'Files' windows to be separate from each other.
I would use 'Jumps' more often if it were in front of me, but now I have to click on the tab first, then back to 'Files' when I'm done.
This may be difficult to do of course, but just throwing it out there in case other people agree, or it isn't that hard.

A good split for the windows could be to instead of having the 'Output' window fill the entire bottom, have it the same width as the editor window, and have the 'Jumps' / 'Files' window stretch to the bottom.  (Then you could display both 'Jumps' and 'Files' on top of each other.)

And, just curious about two other bugs that were previously recorded a while ago that are still occurring.

  • <CTRL>+<TAB> to switch code windows only works for a while but stops at some point (after running the game?)
    I'm suspecting this is because either the control receiving keyboard input isn't in focus or has changed somehow.

  • Incredibuild still isn't 100% working.  It still doesn't detect code changes to certain modules.  Interestingly it's always the same modules that it misses, while others it always picks up just fine. Now I'm experiencing a new situation where it says it is skipping a module (that has changed), but when I run the game it seems to have picked up the change.   

    I don't know how this is all handled and I'm surprised this is a problem, as you'd think the file date/time would always update and this would be a safe and accurate method to determine if a module has changed.

And all of these bugs seems to happen on both Windows XP 32bit and Windows 7 64bit.

Gernot, I know these may be difficult to pin down, since so few people are reporting these problems.  And, I don't know how to recreate them using a simple example, but I would be willing to send my entire project to you, as it could be a problem specific to my situation or setup.  (I can trust you right? ha  =D)

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Kitty Hello

The thing is, the Jumps-View must be active to update the automatic code colouring :(