8BitB.Ob - old skool arcade platformer

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This is my li'l arcade platformer game,
it's getting closer to finishing, so I'd like to get some views on it,

I'm no artist so everything is currently just squares,
You're the blue square, B.Ob, who has to collect the white squares,
the flashing white square is worth more points,
you jump around on the green platforms,
while avoiding the magenta bad guys.

controls are
Z and X - Left and Right
M - Jump
N - Panic

The longer you hold jump the higher B.Ob jumps,
and as he's falling you can press Jump to stall his descent.
Pressing the Panic button makes the bad guys turn in to outlines and they can't hurt you.

each level has three achievements,
-get all 32 flashing squares in order.
-complete the level in 30seconds.
-don't use the panic button or die.

the three test level's are quite tough to start with,
but they give a good idea of how it plays.

All comments are appreciated. Thanks

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A lot like Bombjack!  Very nice game!

The graphics give it a unique retro feel. 

Would be good on a Pre/Android/iPad etc, if you could work out some sort of control method.


Cheers for the comment MrTAToad,
Bombjack is definitely a big part of the inspiration for the game.

I am contemplating leaving the graphics as squares as I'm getting quite fond of the look,
but it would be nice if I can find an artist somewhere that wanted to do some graphics.

I'd love to release it on as many platforms as possible,
It's actually written to run on an iOS, hence the Yellow/Cyan/Red control squares,
which you can click on with your mouse. But without multitouch it doesn't really work.

I've not got an iPad to test it out on,
just got an iPod touch.
Asobi tech - the science of play.
Spare time indiegame developer.

Kitty Hello

It's nice. I think the acceleration delay at the start is a bit to "lazy". It's ages since I've been playing the original, though. Ace pick for a remake.


plays great congrats!

small play field gets a little claustrophobic with the big purple enemies...


Kitty Hello, cheers for the comment, it's not really a remake of BombJack, I'd say it's inspired by ;)
Erico, thanks. the small play field and claustrophobia adds to the tension I think. But I appreciate it's not for everyone.
Asobi tech - the science of play.
Spare time indiegame developer.


Very cool game, the 3 stages are very fun.
Finish it...

Kinds Regards,
Iván J


thanks Ivan,
i'm working on it. hopefully not much longer.
Asobi tech - the science of play.
Spare time indiegame developer.