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Cheers everyone,

far from the idea to create problems or generating confusion, I'd like to offer my opinion about some weakness of GLB.
I'm wandering if glbasic-ide will update a bit in time it's IDE.
I have arrived at glb less then one year ago, but still I cannot make out of its ide a friendly editor.

Here are some features that I think should be really considered in a modern IDE.
For sure, i do not want anyone to develop anything out of their comfortable daily experience, but working with different tools and ide, i feel like missing many chances....  :(

a.- One ide that open more than a project at time and run and test different apps at the same time (for istance: client and server)
b.- Display in parrallel different docs/script (see pict) include the help pages
c.- line numbered
d.- inline code complete (with on/off checkbox in preference - #develop, eclipse, ms visualstudio...)
e.- a complete translation of the deutsche lables, somewhere missing (sorry, i do not manage too much english, guess deutsche....)
f.- the output/search box could be closed during the coding process and opened during the debug?
g.- (and this involve me for sure, and everyone who care) each documentation (help/F1) page could be an html local + an open space for developer to post scripts, suggestion, problemsolving and so on... a more collaborative section? Maybe within an interface page (as  a snapin?) - with a link like "see updates online"
h.- how hard would be to offer the chance to have each project starting including in the media folder some basic shapes as a plane/rect, a shere and a cube?

Please, forgive my bad english and my ide/gui wishes for a better glb...

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(please forgive my bad English)

Kitty Hello


a) That's a pitty. You can run 2 instances, but you have to clear the compiler cache on change. Usually we run the same program as client OR server and just run the program twice. There's a "run copy" button to run a copy of your program and be able to compile a fix while the other part still runs.

b) See menu item "Window / Arrange..." - I'll extend that to side by side in the next update.

c) I thought about that. Might be a lot of work :(

d) Ctrl+Space does sort of that

e) Show me which parts are not translated properly. That's very bad.

f) Press F12 to toggle the output/search bar

g) We have the help manual online and some people here help me improve it. I don't want to make it as open as php does, though because I fear a lot of work because of spammers.

h) There's an option to create template projects. It does not have media files atached, though. Should I extend that?

Thank you for your suggestions.


Cheers Kitty Hello,

thanks for you reply. As i know, it's so hard do develop and expand a stable release of a project/product, then i wish not to have been annoing anyone  ;P

a.- In a simple case of Server/Client:
i run a server instance, i test it line by line, to the read/send message to the client. By doing a step by step debug on both the app i can see where i'm getting (usualy i go wrong so many time :D), and then the clients (2 clients) relpy to the server and... probably i'll have a better experience using 2 virtual machines - sounds a better solutions :D

b/d.- i didn't see it... my shame, sorry ;) (but can i arrange some windows verticaly?) nowaday laptops monitor are wider then taller...=(

c.- it could be usefull, but it's not a must.

e.- the ShoeBox  - that i still do not know what to use it for... :( - and the setup: pack & go. Both the app dosen't include a direct help as the 3dconverter.

f.- it's not doing a lot... the debug is still there after i type F12. (not completly true) it's working no my dell laptop, it's not on my HP

g.- i use it alot. But I would feel more comfortable with a 1 tab support.

h.- as a beginner, i'd love that, but i manage for me as i have seen it's not a must for anyone.

I include a Zip file with some picts of the points i have mentioned, so please, do not mind too much to my english :D


ps: most picts are from IDEal, a freeware ide for blitz3d. Virtually it could be used with any compilre, but... need more test to know how it's going to be.

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(please forgive my bad English)