'UNDO' bug ([CTRL] + Z)

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I haven't seen anybody else mention this yet, and it's been happening for quite a while now.
A lot of times when I hit [CTRL] + Z (undo), instead of undoing the latest change, it actually undoes the latest two changes.
This is on multiple lines, which I know it shouldn't do.
It's like the undo buffer is brought back two steps instead of one.

It's not every time, but it happens about once a day.
This can be potentially dangerous because sometimes it may not be obvious and you may not notice the second undo.
Just wondering if anybody else experienced this?
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I had some similar problem with the undo when I started with GLBasic a few years ago but I could never really point at it, just seemed to be things missing after I did undo sometimes so never reported it.

Kitty Hello

it is a bug. It tries to accumulate key presses and generates new undo groups for "I have no real idea when". And sometimes it's broken.

I really should try to fix that, because it really annoys me as well. But I can't really reproduce it. So, if anyone has a way to reproduce it, please give me!

Ian Price

I thought it was me, holding the keys down too long  :D
I came. I saw. I played.


I thought it was just me!!
I could never reproduce it, but didn't really try too hard.

But, I just found that this works for me every time (or at least twice in a row):

- Edit a line by adding a few characters (in the middle of a word if it makes a difference or not)
   (don't hit enter)

- Click another line (I tried lines above and also below that line and both do it)

- Add a few characters to a word in the new line (don't hit enter)

- Click undo [CTRL] + Z

That undoes both edits on both lines.
Good luck!

After a few more tests it seems that it happens when you don't hit the enter key and click on a new line.
It's like the enter key is the only way it knows to start a new undo group.
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Kitty Hello

OK, now please get yourself a "buy me a beer" button. True genius! Found the bug of the decade!