'Auto Hide' option for the 'Jumps' / 'Files' / 'Web' / 'Debug' tabs

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I know this wont be easy to do, but a nice feature would be the ability to 'auto hide' those tabs, similar to how Visual Studio does it for the Tool Box, Solution Explorer, Properties, etc.

Just a small vertical tab would be visible until you hover over it, then it would auto-expand displaying its contents.
It would be extra nice to be able to dock each tab separately to either side of the IDE.
And, each tab could either be Pinned to a side, or have an Auto-Hide option.

This would increase the real estate on the screen available for viewing / editing the code.

Or, it would at least be nice to have the 'Jumps' and 'Files' tabs to be both open at once without having to click each tab to change.  I use those two tabs frequently and its inconvenient to keep switching.
Either have them above/below each other with a splitter bar separating them, or have them beside each other (less real estate!), or one on each side of the IDE (with an option to choose how you want them displayed).

While we're at it, the 'Output' and 'Search' window at the bottom could also Auto-Hide!

And, does anybody else find the opening splash screen to be intrusive?  Its always an extra click to open your project because its in the way.  Just my opinion.

Ha, simple!  Just thought I'd throw this out there.
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