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1. When I <ALT>+<TAB> back into the GLBasic editor, it removes my editing cursor so I have to keep re-clicking the code.
    - This works fine initially, but I have noticed quite frequently that once this behavior starts, it persists.
    - I haven't noticed what brings it back to normal, I assume by exiting and restarting.

2. <CTRL>+<TAB>, like above, doesn't always work for switching documents, and nothing happens.
    - It usually works fine for a while when GLBasic is freshly started.

3. <CTRL>+<TAB> again.  Not so much a bug, but a request.
    - When holding <CTRL> and repeatedly pressing <TAB>, it cycles through all the windows fine, as expected.
    - But if I hit <CTRL>+<TAB> once, it switches to the next window.  If I repeat the key sequence, it SHOULD return to the previously edited window, but it instead displays the NEXT window in the queue, like if I use the key sequence above.
    - ie. <CTRL>+(<TAB>, <TAB>) should be different than <CTRL>+<TAB>, <CTRL>+<TAB>
    - This feature would be handy when going back and forth between two documents, now I have to cycle through all the others first before I return to the one I was just editing.  (ha, I *could* close all the other windows first, but it'd be a pain)
    - I hope I explained that clearly.

4. When changing the display colors in the Options menu, it doesn't always get reflected back in the editor.  Reload fixes it.

5. Request: Add more color options:  Comment background, Margin / Editor separator line,  Function Hilighter (uses 'Normal Text' now), how about the Function Hilighter width?

6. Request: 'Jumps' tab: Space/line/(or different color) below 'Show All', 'Sort: 1.2.3' to show Functions better.

This happens when I'm using the demo version (didn't purchase full version yet) in both Windows XP Pro 32bit, and Windows 7 64bit.

Thanks, and great product, amazing price.
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I have the same problems in the full version for all your points. Focusing got a bit better when I complained about it and Gernot fixed something but #1 is getting worse again. I almost never get the cursor back when I alt-tab between the help and the editor.

#4. You have to close all files except one and you can't have a split-view on that file. Then you can change colors, close the program and then open again and then you should have the new colors saved and working. If you don't do this you will get the original colors back in all other windows and it will also not save your changes to the colors when you exit.