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gp2x wiz END bug

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If you write a simple program for your wiz (firmware 1.1.0) like this...

Code (glbasic) Select


... and you run it more than one times, second time (without turning off your Wiz in the meantime) exiting the program again
will freeze your system and your only option is to turn off the Wiz !   

Other non glbasic games haven't this problem

Ian Price

This is a known problem, no matter how you end a GLB program on the Wiz.
I came. I saw. I played.

Kitty Hello

I fixed that yesterday night. So V7 will not suffer from this.

The solution is to have a script (gp2x.gpe) that calls (depending on the existance of /sys) either the gp2x.prg or the gp2xwiz.prg file.

V7 will introduce an ".app" directory mechanism that will do all this for you.


Can you post the script ?

Kitty Hello

will be in V7
Code (glbasic) Select

if [ -e /sys ]

cd /usr/gp2x

\n as line endings (unix)



However can you make an option to disable any gp2xmenu integration in project options?
This because i'm writing a prg which runs other app and if the menu show it cover the other apps...

Kitty Hello

V7 will create a gp2x.gpe file, that's a simple text file. Edit to your needs.