German translation - any volunteers?

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Ian Price

I came. I saw. I played.

Ian Price

OK. Here is some more text that I would like translating

Undo last move
Play previous unsolved puzzle
Play next unsolved puzzle


Space (as in a gap/blank not outer-space)

Load puzzle
Save puzzle
Clear puzzle


That's very nearly it (I hope!) :D
I came. I saw. I played.

Kitty Hello

Undo last move = Letzten Zug rückgängig machen
Play previous unsolved puzzle = Vorheriges, ungelöstes Puzzle spielen
Play next unsolved puzzle = Nächstes, ungelöstes Puzzle spielen

Blue = blau
Pink = rosa
Yellow = gelb
Green = grün
Purple = lila
Orange = orange
Red = rot

Pad = Feld
Slider = Schieber? - Slider in what way?
Wall = Wand
Space = Leeres Feld (empty pad/empty place)

Load puzzle = Puzzle laden
Save puzzle = Puzzle speichern
Clear puzzle ?? Clear like: Remove all parts? Or remove all made steps?
Remove all = Puzzle löschen
Undo all steps = Puzzle neu beginnen (restart puzzle)

Test = Test

Ian Price

Cheers Gernot :)

"Undo last move" appears to be quite lengthy in German, how about just "Undo"? - I need these texts in floating help descriptions over the icons, so they have to be brief.
I came. I saw. I played.

Kitty Hello

"Undo" = Rückgängig. Maybe "Zurück", but not too good. (Zurück = "Back")

Ian Price

"Rückgängig" will be fine :)

Here's another few that I stupidly forgot about.


Puzzle complete.

New record!!

I came. I saw. I played.


Congratulations -> Herzlichen Glückwunsch   / "Glückwunsch" will do fine without "Herzlichen" I guess...

Puzzle complete. -> Puzzel komplett
New record!! -> neuer Rekord

Ian Price

That was quick!

Nice one :)
I came. I saw. I played.

Kitty Hello

complete = gelöst (solved), maybe

Ian Price

Cheers Gernot, that's a viable alternative. :)

I just hope that during the translation process, I haven't included spelling mistakes that say things that aren't intended (if you know what I mean ;))
I came. I saw. I played.


What about releasing something like a Beta version? Or a complete list of all words required and their' translation? :D

Ian Price

I'm quite happy to release a beta version if you want to give it a thorough going through, Polar Wolf.  I've already given Gernot a very early version to test GP2X compatibility. Just let me know your email address and I'll post it to you.

I've got about 20 puzzles in there so far - I hope to include at least 50 in the full version (plus there's a puzzle editor included, to create and share your own). There's a small amount of translated text left to put in (most of it in the above posts actually!), some minor menu work and I'm on the lookout for some suitable music, but pretty much everything else is done now.
I came. I saw. I played.


Sure! :D
I still got no GP2X but I guess it wont be a problem... since the Keys are mostly the same.

Ill send you a pn with my data. ^^

Mail not PN. ^^

Ian Price

Received. BTW - this WIP is mouse only (except for in a couple of menus). Forgot to mention that I haven't implemented them properly yet - they will be though!
I came. I saw. I played.

Ian Price

So Polarwolf - any mistranslations or bugs so far?
I came. I saw. I played.