Showing Function parameters and Types in the jumpbar (IDE request)

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Ian Price

Is there any  chance of updating the IDE to show Function+parameters and Types in the IDE jumpbar?

I know it's quick and easy to just jump to a function to examine, but it would be even quicker to look at the jumpbar and know exactly what parameters are required and the order they are in (I usually use the same format, but some functions require others too, and my memory isn;t what it used to be :P).

A Types jumpbar would also be very useful.

Or is it just me?
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Yeah, handy but they should be optional as some functions have a 'lot' of parameters.


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Kitty Hello

Type the function, then put the mouse over it. The tooltip  will tell you.

For the Types, just start every Type with the letter "T". Then type "T" and press Ctrl+Space. Tadaaa!

Ian Price

RE: Function - Oooh! So it does! :D

I'd still rather see them on the jumpbar though (as well).

CTRL+SPACE just seems to be a way to create the command TYPE (or other command) rather than actually show Type info, or even jump to the Type. Not very useful (and not even as quick as just typing TYPE), or am I missing something? An actual Types tab on the jumpbar would be much more useful.

Still, the Function thing is handy :)
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Kitty Hello

Ctrl+Space is word completition. If your types start with T and you typed a T, then the selection is quite limited.

Ian Price


My Types do all start with T and what you suggested is not what I meant.

I didn't want word completion - I wanted the jump bar to show Types in the same way as it shows Functions and Subs; either in it's own tab or underneath the others.
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