Joystick buttons on GP2X-F200? Anyone know how they map?

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I am programming a game for the GP2X-F200. Does anyone know how the buttons map when using the Joystick commands in GLBasic?

Kitty Hello

Yes, I do ;)
Code (glbasic) Select
Data->rgbButtons[0] = GPK(FA);
Data->rgbButtons[1] = GPK(FB);
Data->rgbButtons[2] = GPK(FX);
Data->rgbButtons[3] = GPK(FY);
Data->rgbButtons[4] = GPK(TAT);
Data->rgbButtons[5] = GPK(START);
Data->rgbButtons[6] = GPK(SELECT);
Data->rgbButtons[7] = GPK(VOL_DOWN);
Data->rgbButtons[8] = GPK(VOL_UP);
Data->rgbButtons[9] = GPK(FL);
Data->rgbButtons[10]= GPK(FR);


I'm sure its just me...

HOW DO I IMPLEMENT IT... I took a WAG and tried to enter
Data->rgbButtons[0] = GPK(FA);

In my code (knowing it would not work) and discovered (not to my surprise) that it did not work. LOL

Can you please, explain EXACTLY how to grab one of these buttons?

Thanks and Happy Holidays...