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Ian Price

Yep GLB2 will get rid of all the old bugs and introduce lots of brand new ones :D :D :D
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I certainly agree with you 2. Increase what is.
I thought "GLB 2" more like a re-branding if ever needed.

Into the dilema of opening the source, I have doubts it would do much good. The current system is doing ok, but at the same time we only carefully approaching new people to help deving. There are so many variables into count that it is hard to analyse.

I hope to, at same point, add a bit to it and do some new gfx for GLB and probably the site too. An updated showcase made on the front page would also be cool. 


But participating in creating a new game engine would look great on your résumé / CV!   :P
Really, GLBasic is very close to being complete, with a few bugs remaining.
But it is still a non-OO language.  A rewrite could fix that.   :whistle:
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But...participating on advancing a well established programming language would look even better on the résumé! 8)
About the non-oo I have absolutely no idea, hehe.


the main issue there is also exists other basic like language. Now my Mac is out of service, that means im currectly cannot update iOS version of glbasic (im have still not misgreate to vmware yet, but close). Im have currectly no plans to purchase a new Mac, mightbeen a used one?

Also im should on a point, sooner or later update the Android port to uses the newest or second newest SDK. But Android do still works as intendend, which is most important.

Im do pretty sure you can get source code from Gernot, if you want to fix issues (which you should also let me know). Howover without Headkaze, im could not port glbasic to 64bit at all.

To bring Windows 10 support, the iOS Bridge could been used (which would also been on eventuelly Xbox One).

PS. Even its little bit "old". its still a great language. Also.... Im still use Paint shop Pro 7, which is SOOO old today (but im like it).
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This is huge and difficult topic. Many many things could be written, but in shorts, Kickstarter/Greenlight boom resulted in game makers boom, that time they have some crazy licensing like 1000$ for one platform, many good promotion stuffs (advertising / video tutorials / yt panels) form Unity and others and here we are. now most games are made with 3 tools (Unity / UE4 / GameMaker), and normal languages have rough times (also other tools to, where is Shiva3D, Torque, Marmalade ...).

GLB as game oriented programming language is good and solid, allows for much flexibility to combine 2d with basic 3d for some nice effects, many modules / ready to use examples are on forum, but it requires to write a lot of code, that nowdays only few people want to do.. Yet it wasn't so promoted as other tools, so had lower chance to took their approach in that changing indie dev market - like crowd founding (look Monkey2 / AppGame Tool Kit).
Beside that most important features still remains - easy to learn, really fast (as code is translated to C++), in 2d/simple 3d it's best (game making tools can't compare) what you can get without going to pure C++. You think thats nothing? Try to play some Steam indie games made with Unity/GameMaker on iGPU :D and same games with proper codding would work great on mobiles if they were made with GLB... That's the prize, for speed you need to do much coding on your own. Of course GLB has so some issues with mobile platforms but I hope that they could be resolved (or already are, as I didn't watch Android topic from some time).

Topic is much deeper and everyone has some thoughts. Complete language reqrite would be pointless, as it would require to much effort and competition is really hard, I would opt for fixing eqentuall bugs and keeping current functionalities. And I'm sticking with GLB for current projects, I doubt that will be doing some UE4 based game ;)
I hope that those few nice looing projects that are here on forum will be finished, that would be another good showcase (of course bearing in mind those few games that are already on Steam).

ps. Win10 - UWP is something worth to check, I mentioned it in other topic
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GLBasic is great for 2D games, but is lacking a lot of functionality for 3D (stuck with OpenGLES 1.1 last time I checked), so lacks most shader functionality.  Also, both 2D and 3D have no physics engine.  And it is not an OOP language (debatable if this is good / bad! :)).  Multi-platform support is buggy, but considering only a couple of people are working on it, it is actually pretty good.

But understanding this, it still has some amazing strengths.
It is fast, in my testing, as you mentioned. 
It is very easy to learn (my nephew had a platformer style game working with almost no programming experience).  Who doesn't love programming in BASIC?!
Knowledgeable and helpful forum support (although fairly quiet recently)!

I'd still be using it if it was OOP, had physics, and an up-to-date OpenGL.

I was (half joking) suggesting a rewrite if it could fix the above issues. And not for competing with the other engines, but as a learning experience.  (Rather than trying to patch the existing GLBasic code.)  Ha, ya it would be difficult - I wouldn't know where to begin!
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Quote from: dreamerman on 2017-Jun-16
... but it requires to write a lot of code, that nowdays only few people want to do... topic

I´m not sure I understand this correctly. Any other tool will require lots of code on its own scripting language if one is going to do anything non-crap.
It is for this reason that I prefer a coding tool right away, and once you did some coding/modules, you can recicle them later.

As for people not wanting to do work and expecting a game to write itself...that has always been the case. :D


I agree with most of the points here...
GLB is great, its fast, and like Erico i hate draaaaag 'n drop GUIs with mindless mouse clicks...gimme coding anyday...

I am actively developing on android - and have a few apps in progress...its because of GLB I am in top 5% of Android devs according to Appbrain :)

I just released a little clicker game called Rogue Turret (starwars themed) plays fast and is small download... :) ...thanks to GLB!

Just needs more exposure, some bug fixes, a bit of marketing, carrot-on-a-stick approach to get more devs using it or trying it...
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That was my biggest complaint about Unity - too much UI interaction, just let me code, damn it!
The learning curve is huge!  Took me years to get comfortable, and I'm still learning.
So over that time I've managed to create my own library of classes to allow me to code my games without interacting in the UI much.  My scenes are fairly empty, and I dynamically create my gameobjects at runtime, and add the desired behaviours. Ahh, that feels much better.   8)
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The UI-Way ist more efficient, if you managed to deal with it!
I <3 DGArray's :D

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Ya, I pretty much learned the UI over the years.  I still use it to handle audio and graphics (images, shaders, materials, etc).  I gave up on using it for the game GUI, as I kept making changes that I'd have to change in every menu.  So I designed a Style (skinning) library, and UI library, so one line of code can place a stylized button on the screen, and handle the different resolutions and aspect ratios.  It all depends on the game type, mine is fully dynamic, so mostly through code makes sense.  But there's still no option to whip you to keep you motivated!   :whip:
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 Ataribox seens to been somewhat "Ouya 2.0", but with a Linux installed with a AMD installed. Since many of us create retro style games here in glbasic, im think this box could been a perfect match for glbasic and im should ask Atari for a SDK. But howover its not Android, but Linux, so its might take some time me guess. But should not been harder than example  raspberry pi, which runs Linux with same CPU.

For me the best game, could been fun to see CatchOut for AtariBox (as a Free game). Its depend controller its plans to use.

Also its could also been a great test console as well (which im eailer used Ouya for when released for Android TV).

Im have contacted and emailed them.
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Version 15 seens to been great for Windows, while im have fighted the choopy framerate issue that should not been there in eailer versions and could newer ever find the issue. Me thinks its could been a array issue, but have no idea why.

Howover im do asume version 15 now uses a much newer version of the compiler, which also should help fixing issue like that.

The most odd, the issue have only allways have been a issue on Windows. Newer on Either Android or iOS. Sometimes the frame rate chops in the first 15-30 with full cpu usable then its after fix its self after a while.
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very odd currectly the game can slowdown when a gamepad is NOT inserted, but run fine when im insert such a one (its dont matter its a wheel or other).

Its would been nice to completly remove the directx polling, which im guess its cause the slowdown issues, when a gamepad is not detected or as a advanced command line command (-nogamepad).
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