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im diddent touch any of the sound. so browsers is strange sometime. sound refuse to work until you clicking on the game throught. this is nothing im can do of course. Im only try to add that listinger a bit later....
Greedy Mouse has sound now.
its can still been happens. but not allways a refresh is required. its property a security/focus issue by the browser(s). but its did help throught. So if there is any keyboard issues, then refresh the game.
Announcements / Re: Space Fractal's games now got webgl ports
« Last post by Qedo on 2023-Mar-16 »
SF , Greedy Mouse  on Microsoft Edge now it works great
Sometimes, im dont know why yet, its require a F5 refresh, before the keyboard respons. Im using the same javascript code for all games. Spot Race and Catchout has no keyboard controls throught.

The games was tested with extractly with MS Edge in mind really, but tested on 4 browsers.

Im believe this mightbeen happens when im added a document.addEventListener too early, before the page was loaded, and then no keyboard respons happens until a refresh? Im moved it into a function (under DetectCanvasResize(), that is started from c++ code anyway), so hope its works better now.

Only updated Greedy Mouse as testing.
Announcements / Re: Space Fractal's games now got webgl ports
« Last post by Qedo on 2023-Mar-15 »
 on Microsoft Edge cursor  keys (left right) don't work on all games

not tried heavily.
Nice to here its works on Sarafi as well.

There should been sound, both music (if enabled) and sound fx when moving items around?

Im only using wav file in that game as im remember.

Its only Greedy Mouse this happens?
Also on Mobile Safari(ipad), sll smooth and play well :good:

Greedy Mouse has no sound though?
GLBasic - en / Re: A HTML5/WebGL Journey
« Last post by spacefractal on 2023-Mar-09 »
its was inside the JavaScript code, called directly from c++ (but wasent aware of await) and there was some confusion. And its seen its take comply of frame, so waiting is actuelly not a good idea either really.

anyway its works as intended and a another function can check it under loading, so the games can show something to you without its freezing.

Instead im just added a another function that checks when the task have been done or failed, so its wait just before when the load game progress is required (and later than normal)..... and with no a black screen.
All of them run nicely in my Firefox  :good:
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