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Cheer Polarwolf, thanks for the feedback :)

Re: Mouse/button press on splashscreen - according to the rules -
QuoteThe game has to feature a spash screen when it starts up that can be skipped with any button.
I'm presuming that a press of the screen would be OK too? Maybe this needs clarifying.

You must have incredibly quick reactions if you can change the block direction while it's moving! I'll check and fix that one. Well spotted. :)

I had intended to let the player know which level they are on - the editor already does. I'll just have to find an appropriate place for it that doesn't interefere with the action.

In what way did you cheat? Altering the levels in the editor? As this is a WIP, the puzzle difficulty level isn't a gentle curve - I'll be trying to make it more gentle on the player. But it's a puzzle game after all, and not supposed to be too easy ;)

All GUI buttons work now and I've added a wonderfully boppy title tune :D

Thanks for your input, it's really useful :)
So Polarwolf - any mistranslations or bugs so far?
Yep - I use this neat little utility -

It's programmed to be used with BlitzBasic, but you can alter the code easily to suit pretty much any language. It spits out tiles, example source code and the level data so that they can be used easily and quickly. And the utility itself is very, very fast.
I'd suggest tiles of no bigger than 64x64 (ideally even smaller  16x16 or 32x32), then create a tile engine that allows you to only display a region that is the same size as (or one tile larger than) the screen - no point in taking up valuable CPU time drawing stuff that can;t be seen. Load all your tiles in in one go, rather than streaming - this prevents cache problems and sluggish scrolling.
Looks like somebody's been playing Super Mario 64 DS

Nice one :D
Received. BTW - this WIP is mouse only (except for in a couple of menus). Forgot to mention that I haven't implemented them properly yet - they will be though!
I'm quite happy to release a beta version if you want to give it a thorough going through, Polar Wolf.  I've already given Gernot a very early version to test GP2X compatibility. Just let me know your email address and I'll post it to you.

I've got about 20 puzzles in there so far - I hope to include at least 50 in the full version (plus there's a puzzle editor included, to create and share your own). There's a small amount of translated text left to put in (most of it in the above posts actually!), some minor menu work and I'm on the lookout for some suitable music, but pretty much everything else is done now.
I'm surprised that a pc could scroll and rotate an image of that size (2500x2000) tbh - that's huge!
Cheers Gernot, that's a viable alternative. :)

I just hope that during the translation process, I haven't included spelling mistakes that say things that aren't intended (if you know what I mean ;))
That was quick!

Nice one :)
"Rückgängig" will be fine :)

Here's another few that I stupidly forgot about.


Puzzle complete.

New record!!

That's more fun that it has a right to be. Nice one :)
Cheers Gernot :)

"Undo last move" appears to be quite lengthy in German, how about just "Undo"? - I need these texts in floating help descriptions over the icons, so they have to be brief.
OK. Here is some more text that I would like translating

Undo last move
Play previous unsolved puzzle
Play next unsolved puzzle


Space (as in a gap/blank not outer-space)

Load puzzle
Save puzzle
Clear puzzle


That's very nearly it (I hope!) :D
Thanks Gernot :)