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I think this is a bug, and not a feature.
The 'Z' coordinate (so, we're viewing our files from the top view? ha) seems to work.

The 'X' coordinate seems to count the bytes of text, not the actual horizontal position.
This would work fine until you insert a 'Tab' character.
It displays four 'spaces', but takes only one byte.
With 3 tabs inserted to your left, it will show you as on position 4, not 13 like is should, imo.

I guess to fix it just add (tabsQtyInLine * 3) to the current position?  (Assuming the tab size if fixed at 4).

Second that.
Spent 15 minutes trying to find out how.

'Find / Replace in Open Files'
and / or ideally (so you don't have to remember what files use what variables!):
'Find / Replace in Project'