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Great idea for a GLBasic project!
30 years ago, I had so much fun in school with LOGO and commanding that little turtle!
Couldn't draw much more than spirals and flowerish stuff though.

It would be fun to add more commands, such as boxes, circles, or an arc line for curves.
Or be able to draw a pattern, then duplicate that pattern with scale and rotation, etc.
I agree - great video!  Can't wait to play this game, it is a great showcase for what can be done in GLBasic!
I tried my 3D maze game in GLBasic years back but gave up, and moved it to Unity.

I still like dropping by the forums here though to see what's happening, and what people are creating.
Your source code must be well organized and modular to create something this complex!
I kinda like the spam. How else am I going to learn how to enlarge this small penis of mine?!  :S
This might not be very fast, but you could draw your colored sprite first, then overlay it with another fully dark sprite. Wherever you click that sprite, on the dark sprite, use a SETPIXEL command at that pixel position with the color RGB(255,0,128) [which should make it transparent] to be able to view the underlaying colored pixel.

Does RGB() have an alpha channel parameter? I didn't see one in the manual.
It's been too long since I coded in GLBasic - I forget most of this!
Looking good!  :good:

Now to turn this into a random road generator for a racing game, or racing puzzle game!  :P
Something like this?

[EDIT] I subdivided the interior triangle into four triangles.
If you could detect the points where your branches (rectangles) intersect, this would create one triangle.
You would then need to figure out how to connect to this triangle and what points are affected or should be ignored.
A difficult question.

I checked through my bookmarks, but the simple answer wasn't there.

I found a mega site on general Procedural Content Generation:

I also found a (very mathy) paper about Delaunay Triangulation:

Basically you would have to create a list of points around the perimeter of your branches, ignoring the interior data.
This algo would take this enclosed path and fill in the triangles for you.
You could Google some code for this, if you want to go this route.
Maybe this code does this? I'm not sure, it does some type of triangulation:

I thought the pattern matches road intersections.
Try Googling 'dynamic road intersections' or something similar.
Yes - two player CO-OP would be awesome!
I tend to only play two player games, and your game is exactly what we love to play!

Hard part might be keeping both players in view.
You could gradually zoom the camera out when the players become too far apart, up to a certain limit, then drag the behind player along.
This is similar to how New Super Mario Brothers works on the Wii, and it works great.
Looks cool, will check it out.

I think your links are reversed - free vs paid.
What's the difference between the two versions?
I have an S7 (Edge), Android 6.0.1.

I no longer program in GLBasic, but give me an APK file and I can test it if you want.
At least you'll know if it's his phone only, or maybe all S7 Android 6s.
Here's a Hex to Int conversion function I found in my old code:

Code (glbasic) Select
FUNCTION HexToInt%: hex$
LOCAL i%=0
LOCAL j%=0
LOCAL loop%

FOR loop = 0 TO LEN(hex$)-1
i = ASC(MID$(hex$, loop, 1)) - 48
IF i > 9
DEC i, 7

j = j * 16
j = bOR(j, bAND(i, 15))


[Edit] Ha, apparently I got my code from MrTAToad in that link posted by dreamerman!
Also, try using integers when they are called for.
Not sure if floating point inaccuracies will be a problem if you don't, but it's good practgice so you know what variables are meant to be floats and which integers. 
A float value of 2.0 may actually be 1.999999999, so equal comparisons will fail.

The '%' characters specifies an integers, like dreamerman did:
Code (glbasic) Select
TYPE character
Congrats!  Just got a notice that Genius Greedy Mouse is officially available on Steam!
Will be buying a copy this weekend - along with Karma Miwa too.
Good luck.
The Bonus Area opens up after you make 100 posts in the forum.