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Is this the proper way to get the fractional part of a floating point number in GLBasic or is there already a function to do this which might be faster?

frac_x = x - INTEGER(x)

Code (glbasic) Select
?DEFINE compile_mode_testing TRUE

?IF compile_mode_testing = FALSE

player_lives = 3


player_lives = 99


Please help.  My attempt at using preprocessor commands is giving me this precompiling error, "syntax error : ... true)=false".  What is the correct way to do this?
When I used the Font Creator the created bitmap image has a background which is not all purple but has a black vertical stripe 8 pixels wide on the right side.

Thanks for any help.

Best wishes, Ralph.

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I need a function like X_LINE but with 2 colours so that the colour varies from  point 1 to point 2.  Thanx.
Bug Reports / SAVESPRITE bug
LOADSPRITE "sprite_original.bmp", 100
SAVESPRITE "sprite_saved.bmp", 100

any pixel with an rgb of 255, 0,128 is saved as 128,0,255
Running with Windows XP
SHOWSCREEN becomes increasingly less smooth as a program runs and
when a GLBasic program is run again the problem continues with the
same degraded display intervals which were occurring at the last run.
So over time a program is unplayable and the only solution is to reboot.
When running this test program I discovered that GETTIMERALL will
eventually report *** negative *** time between frames!!!

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