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Show Off / Super Juliette
« on: 2015-Jul-19 »

I don't know if the app will be updated one day and if i will publish the game...BUT here are 3 videos (sorry : in french!!) showing our work!!

i say "our" because this game was done with my children (6 and 4 years old at the making of the game) : they have made all the boss of the game!!!! they are nice, aren't they??

Our game really need more work : we know that!! (better graphics, shadows ....) but it needed a lot of work and time, and this is not a professional game...i think it shows what anyone can do with the app

i hope you will like it : please don't be too hard with us!!!!




Feedback / Problems With GACK on iPad
« on: 2013-Jul-17 »

I have a problem : i can't find the "publish" button!!

How Can i do when my game will be finished??


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