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The '_mesh.gbas' allows for texture maps using the 'QuadAddV4()' function.
Code (glbasic) Select
FUNCTION QuadAddV4%: v1 AS TVertice, v2 AS TVertice, v3 AS TVertice, v4 AS TVertice, uv1 AS TUv, uv2 AS TUv

You pass the texture coordinates using the uv1 and uv2 parameters when adding a new Quad to a mesh.
The TYPE 'TUv' expects two floats representing the x,y position in the texture, normalized from 0.0 to 1.0.
uv1 is the top, left corner, and uv2 is the bottom, right corner in the texture. (If I remember correctly, it may be bottom,left to top,right or something).

You would modify the 'Mesh_QuadAdd()' function from '_voxel.gbas' to detect the face type, and include that face's uv coordinates in the 'quad_offset' variable.
Code (glbasic) Select
quad_offset.SetUv(uv1, uv2)
(You actually don't need to use the above 'QuadAddV4()' function in this case.)
Wow, this is almost seven years old!
JohnnyB noticed my zips are corrupted.
I can confirm, it downloads but the files are corrupted when unzipped.

I can't find the original files on my Dropbox anymore.
Does anyone else have a copy kicking around they can re-upload?
(Ha, I know there's only a slight chance, but I thought I would ask!)

Although, the thought of dusting off my copy of GLBasic and redoing this does sound intriguing . . .  :P
Try the following project which emulates a Minecraft style world:
(This is from 2013 so it may not work out-of-the-box with the latest GLBasic.)

You can change the world size (x, y, z) to test the limits of GLBasic.

I don't think it has a poly count indicator, but should be easily added if needed.
A global variable incremented in the AddQuad function should do it.
(It's a shame this wasn't turned into a game.  Hey, the code is freely available to anyone to modify and create something real.)
Announcements / Re: PMS
Wow, looks amazing!!  Looking forward to the full release.

Ha, PMS?  Does that stand for "Perpetual Motion Squad"?  Big Bang Theory reference.
Damn, I hate when Easter falls on April 1st - leaves us distracted and vulnerable!   :-[
Good one!  And I just received my Gamebuino. I thought I had to dust off my copy of GLBasic.
For a DRAWLINE replacement, I found some old code for drawing a line using POLYVECTORs.
You specify the start and end point, the line thickness, and the line colour.
I upgraded my wheel to implement Google's self-driving car algorithm.
So much easier to drive now! Heck, I can sleep and wake up an hour later and have won ten games! Getting mad skillz!  Sorry, stupid joke!  :D
This looks so cool - I couldn't resist, so I just ordered one! Can't wait.
$150 Canadian - not cheap, but seems worth it.

I love the robotics options and think I'll have fun with that too.
Now I just gotta come up with a cool pixelated game idea.
Ya, I pretty much learned the UI over the years.  I still use it to handle audio and graphics (images, shaders, materials, etc).  I gave up on using it for the game GUI, as I kept making changes that I'd have to change in every menu.  So I designed a Style (skinning) library, and UI library, so one line of code can place a stylized button on the screen, and handle the different resolutions and aspect ratios.  It all depends on the game type, mine is fully dynamic, so mostly through code makes sense.  But there's still no option to whip you to keep you motivated!   :whip:
That was my biggest complaint about Unity - too much UI interaction, just let me code, damn it!
The learning curve is huge!  Took me years to get comfortable, and I'm still learning.
So over that time I've managed to create my own library of classes to allow me to code my games without interacting in the UI much.  My scenes are fairly empty, and I dynamically create my gameobjects at runtime, and add the desired behaviours. Ahh, that feels much better.   8)
GLBasic is great for 2D games, but is lacking a lot of functionality for 3D (stuck with OpenGLES 1.1 last time I checked), so lacks most shader functionality.  Also, both 2D and 3D have no physics engine.  And it is not an OOP language (debatable if this is good / bad! :)).  Multi-platform support is buggy, but considering only a couple of people are working on it, it is actually pretty good.

But understanding this, it still has some amazing strengths.
It is fast, in my testing, as you mentioned. 
It is very easy to learn (my nephew had a platformer style game working with almost no programming experience).  Who doesn't love programming in BASIC?!
Knowledgeable and helpful forum support (although fairly quiet recently)!

I'd still be using it if it was OOP, had physics, and an up-to-date OpenGL.

I was (half joking) suggesting a rewrite if it could fix the above issues. And not for competing with the other engines, but as a learning experience.  (Rather than trying to patch the existing GLBasic code.)  Ha, ya it would be difficult - I wouldn't know where to begin!
But participating in creating a new game engine would look great on your résumé / CV!   :P
Really, GLBasic is very close to being complete, with a few bugs remaining.
But it is still a non-OO language.  A rewrite could fix that.   :whistle:
Gernot might not want to do a GLBasic 2 (as cool as that sounds), as it is so much effort for little benefit (financially, unless it becomes very popular.)

He should consider a community open sourced version, completely rewritten from scratch, with modularity and simplified platform support integrated at a low level.  It would be great if each command's code could be separate and independent, with optional code files for each platform, if needed. (Ha, I have no idea, never written my own language!)

The problem with this might be that not many people would contribute (especially if done in C++. C# would be nice. Hey, write it in GLBasic!).  It would take a long time, but would be a fun and rewarding experience.  Who hasn't wanted to write their own programming language?

Only an hour until lunch!  I'm thinking burgers, for some reason. :)
Off Topic / Re: Code music
Cool code, bigsofty!  Surprisingly similar to my suggestion.

I agree, it is tedious and requires patience. 
My maze 3d models where done in code (both the GLBasic and Unity versions), and they have relatively simple geometry.
I still encountered many problems. They were easy to fix, but hard to find. (Usually flipped triangles!)

But, I have a hard time using a normal modeling program!
I get the concepts, just the UI is hard to master (mainly only tried Blender).
Off Topic / Re: Code music
Cool idea!
Now I need somebody to do the same thing for a 3D modeling command script program.

Such as (Purely make up numbers!) :
Code (glbasic) Select
BOX 10, 10, 100, 100

BOX 40, 30, 100, 100
BOX 40, 30, 15, 15
JOINT 60, 60 // Arm joint to attach to body