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Hi Qube,

Thank you very much for explaining how you set it up.
I followed your instructions, and GLBasic is working  :)

I did notice the same quirks you mentioned.
On the first run when GLBasic asks where to store files, I did not even have time to see the window.
I missed it the first time and had to rerun the program, and just hit the return key as soon as it flashed up on the screen.
Also, as you mentioned, the default font was terrible, not even usable.
I changed the font in GLB's settings, and it looks great now.
I wrote a quick hello world test, and compiled and it ran as expected.

Now I need to try compiling for iphone, that is my main motivation for having GLB on the Mac, so I hope I can get that to work.

Thanks for your help.  :booze:


I'm a Mac user and I have installed GlBasic on my Mac running with CrossOver. But I experienced strange problems so I recommend to use Parallels. GlBasic runs fine on it!!

Yodaman Jer:
Apologies for the bump, everyone...

I'm about to buy an iMac in the next month or two, and I just want to clarify this before I get my hopes up, but can I run Windows 7 in Parallels, develop a 2D/3D game for Mac OS X in it, compile it to Mac and have it run on Mac OS X? It sounds like I could, but I just really want to make sure before I get my hopes up.  :good:

Ian Price:
Yes you can (I run Windows XP in Paralleles and have compiled for OSX in the past) :)

Yodaman Jer:
Awesome!  :D

One of my personal goals in life is to try and increase the amount of games available for Mac.  I might only get one or two full games developed for it, but at least it'll be one or two more!  :good:

There's no Mac version of the IDE/comiler yet though, is there? Unless the one previously mentioned in this thread is done?


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