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To be fair not everybody uses Blender or updates to the latest version as soon as it is released. Judging by the version number 2.66a the a would represent alpha if they follow typical naming conventions, which some people skip until a stable version is released.

Thanks to your input of the converter not working with 2.66a it has bought to light a problem with the converter which obviously was not known before.


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Looking at the API docs on Blenders site it seems that 2.55 was the start of the major changes to the API & they even say

--- Code: (glbasic) ---Warning: The Python API in Blender is UNSTABLE, It should only be used for testing, any script written now may break in future releases.
--- End code ---

While having a look at the API change log it only goes as far back as 2.56 which to me says things got a bit more stable and the main core was created. Searching the addons shipped with 2.66 nearly all of them have a version no older than 2.57 including the 3ds & OBJ ones which are formats that have been around a long time and are well documented.

The API is still yet to be completed but judging by the 3ds & OBJ exporters it may be that the relevant parts in the API for those functions are quite solid & subject to minimal change if any.


Generally more people use AC3D, which is rather good, but has no support for animation of any sort...

I dont know if you already tried this, but: GLB converter supports at least .3ds, .obj, .md2 and  .x. Did you try all of them if you can convert from Blender?


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