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Updating GameInput API (previous wanted to check Switch)

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except not getting the GUID code, its acuelly easy to implement the style of the data used in the database and also a better way to remap later (binding).

Also its looked like the HORIPAD S switch controller as im is not in the database.... damn :-).

Im consider im should a little seperate remapping utilty you can uses for the game, rather than doing it from ingame. In that way GameInput could automatic tacle that rather than the game needs to do the same.

Howover can somebody draw a nice controller image that resemple a controller that could been used from a big compony, which should should like a generic controller.

Something like this in the same resolution, but without colors and antialasing:

Then im will give it a try. Im also could do same kind of utility for key binding as well.

By now the utilty would been Windows only (but im will include the source code of course).

This guys got quite a few vector art based ones...

There CC By 3.00 license, so you can share if credit is given.

Oh and here is the 8bitdo Pro 2...

Looks different than me. This cause its very important to also possible to remap on controllers, so you can support them all, regaardless thier configuration.

etc im will improve GameInput and clean its vastly up and also would been possible to remap keyboard too with the utility in same method with a String. etc a was seen as axis, while b was a button, then im uses k for a keyboard button....

Etc im will uses a screen like it.

PS. IM guess its could been looks much better.

Looks good.   :good:

Yeah, my 8bit do pro 2 wired is not in the controller database either(even though Valve uses this DB for Steam) but my Xbox One controller is.

Better to cycle through a diagram of a generic joypad, highlighting buttons and asking the user to press(or skip) the equivalent button on their controller, to make custom templates. Maybe setup some of the more popular ones by name by default. Xbox, Ps4 for example.


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