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Updating GameInput API (previous wanted to check Switch)

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Looks good, I like the nice short syntax.

I haven't used Android for years though, so I cant comment on do's and dont's for that input system I'm afraid.  :noggin:

Android threat gamepads as keyboard and is even worse than the Windows does. You newer know which keys a button send. This was the main thing why im changed KEY() to use float rather than integer as its was needed for Android as im remember.

Im also reouted the sticks to been KEY(241) to 256 as well, and does also support multiple players (keys 0-255, 256-511 and so on).

Great work! I recall trying to add psx joys were terrible :D

Im have annonced with full source code:

Yep PS4 and xbox has some differents. also if you checking the sld list, some controllers has id all the place, which is why im chossen to have a better remap system as main focus rather than implement the database.

Except some standard configuration.


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