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Hi Kitty

Any chance of letting us know if .b3d is going to be supported soon? Like Kurgan I also have a lot of b3d files, so it would be great if you added support for .b3d  =D

Hi Kitty

I'm afraid it is still the same error, even though I pasted the header files in "C:\Program Files\GLBasic\Compiler"

If it is a demo restriction, I will wait until i purchase premium next week

Kind Regards

ahhhhh okay then, thanks for your help trucidare  =D

Hey trucidare

Nice one, yes that was it, it was a reserved word, I have changed all that, but now get linker errors it seems on compiling, see error.txt on this thread, Can you give any insight into this, I have attached the new project on this thread

Kind Regards

[attachment deleted by admin]

GLBasic - en / Trying to create a BASS plugin
« on: 2010-May-19 »
Hi there

I'm trying to create a bass plugin for GLBasic, I am converting the B3D .decl to GLBasic using hellokitty tool, and when I complie, it doesn't like FUNCTION BASS_SampleCreate: length,freq,chans,MAX,flags

As far as i can see, there is nothing wrong here.

I have attached it onto this posting, has anyone already created a bass plugin, if so, please could you upload your one, as I just want to use BASS with ogg

Kind Regards

Hi Guys

What steps do you do to convert b3d to GLBasic DDD format, I tried to convert from b3d to 3ds first, then convert it to ddd, but the problem with this is that it does not retain the child entity names, they get overwritten by number. Is there a way of doing this, but retaining the models names?

I got milkshape and unwrap3d 2.x

Kind Regards

Hey Kitty,

Cheers for that, I will try this on the demo version

Off Topic / Re: OGG...
« on: 2010-Apr-06 »
Kitty wrote on the other thread the following

You can use external static libs with the -lnk line in the platform options. Just put the libXXX.a file in the project's directory and type int that edit box: "-lXXX" -> Now you can call the function with IMPORT as if it was a built-in function.
I'm going to give it a try

Hi Kitty,

Thanks for your reply, it was a strange one, as I moved the folder to another location and it works for me now. The location it was in before had no strange characters, and it was set network sharing. It did have full control, so unsure why it happened, but it is now working  =D

There is a static library out there for MingW, I wonder if we could adapt this for GLbasic using Inline C, so in theory this would work across platform, see the OT thread for more

Off Topic / Re: OGG...
« on: 2010-Apr-01 »
Hey Kuron,

Take a look at the following:, it has already built static libraries for MingW and also example in C using Allegro, could we adapt this for GLBasic.

To play a simple ogg file in c here, you would have

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
#include "logg.h"

int main(int argc, char** argv)

SAMPLE* s = logg_load(argv[1]);
int voice = play_sample(s, 255, 128, 1000, 0);
return 0;

I have removed parts to do with Allegro. Could this be achieved, I am not by my PC, so couldn't test this

Off Topic / Re: OGG...
« on: 2010-Mar-31 »
Hi Kuron,

The filesize wouldn't matter to me, BASS is about 100k, would you one be the same? I'm only after Windows support, as I've heard other posters saying that MAC runs off the bat, and haven't tried linux yet

Kind Regards

Hey Kuron

It would be a very small DLL, and it would have the OGG decoding built into the DLL.
Yup that is cool, that is similar to BASS which is a small .dll which you will distribute alongside your application, if you could provide this, we would be grateful :-)

Hey MrTAToad

Yup it sure is, I made sure of that after reading through the help file on the structure.

Hey Kurgan
If there is a need, I could port my OGG audio engine over for use with GLBasic.

If you could, I would def appreciated it, as yet I'm still evaluating the product, but the only thing that stopped me was this, if you could do it, so it is similar to blitz3d, ie not having the user end install a codec, I would be very much appreciated it

Kind Regards

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