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GLBasic - en / Trying to create a BASS plugin
« on: 2010-May-19 »
Hi there

I'm trying to create a bass plugin for GLBasic, I am converting the B3D .decl to GLBasic using hellokitty tool, and when I complie, it doesn't like FUNCTION BASS_SampleCreate: length,freq,chans,MAX,flags

As far as i can see, there is nothing wrong here.

I have attached it onto this posting, has anyone already created a bass plugin, if so, please could you upload your one, as I just want to use BASS with ogg

Kind Regards

Hi Guys

What steps do you do to convert b3d to GLBasic DDD format, I tried to convert from b3d to 3ds first, then convert it to ddd, but the problem with this is that it does not retain the child entity names, they get overwritten by number. Is there a way of doing this, but retaining the models names?

I got milkshape and unwrap3d 2.x

Kind Regards

Hi there, with the demo for GLBasic, is it restricted, apart from watermarks and only able to play upto 5 mins. I'm trying to run the following that Kitty made:

However when I compile and run it, it says error opening the userlib even though the userlib is in the same directory. I just want to get this running, so I could try and find a way of getting bass running using BBS 1.7.0 userlib over in blitz3d

Many thanks

Hi there

I'm just evaluting GL Basic, and would prob get the Premium pack, my background is in Blitz3d and I work full time as a Tech Support and Develop Support tools in C#. My own plead to the developers would be, please could you give us native support for OGG files. If we develop an application, I really don't wish for other users to install additional installer, I know you could use the -q (quiet) command in the installer but still.

Could the developer please add ogg support with static library

Other than that I'm loving it :-D

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