I am thinking of investing in GLBasic but...

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I already have DBPro and PureBasic - but attracted to GLBasic because it is so cross platform and because I rather like the accessible format of the language.  Some doubts:-

1) There is some mention of a sqlite wrapper?  I cannot find it in the forum, only the main web page, is it still being developed?  Which version of SQLite does it support?;

1a) Any other support for database commands?

2) 2D - Do sprites in GLBasic support pixel perfect collision?

3) 3D - What about 3d terrain commands?

4) The IDE - i've read stuff on the web criticising the IDE - but looks ok when I look on the homepage - any comments?

5) How easy is it to create plugins / wrappers for GLBasic?

Any pointers gratefully received...


Let me give a try

1) don´t know, I never had to use such.

2) Yes, SPRCOLL command.

3) I´m not sure as I haven´t done much 3d, but I believe yes.

4) I love the IDE, have no problems with it at all.

5) It depends on your c++ skills I guess?

I may not know much about somethings that you asked, better check what the pro coders have to say.
Give a try on the ´free´ version. :good:




GLB is free for 2D on Win/Linux/Mac for non commercial use, so you can easily test it (3D/ Net/ Inline commands work for 5min as a demo too). In GLB you can use INLINE to call C++ if you find something that can not be done with native GLB.

1. No native DB commands inside GLB, we got commands for general file access and special for commands for INI files which are really easy to use. IF you really need DBs you need to write it yourself, use C++ via INLINE or use a wrapper like www.glbasic.com/forum/index.php?topic=1977.0

2. Yes.

3. No specific terrain commands, but I think all that you could need is still there as commands for general 3D objects. I  think I remember that there was code for a generator to generate a terrain from heigthmap.

4. I like the IDE too (most of the times), but like I said GLB is free for 2D, so just test it out.

5. Yeah you can use C++ to create wrappers - so how much C++ do you know? There are a few instructions/examples how to do wrappers in the forum.

Hope that helps you a bit.
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@ Kanonet & erico,

Many thanks for the responses.

I could perhaps create CDEC dlls in PureBasic for stuff I don't have?

Really glad to see support for pixel collision with Sprites.

As you say, sensible for me to download 2D free version and see what I think...


that would breaks compatible. Dlls is Windows only, but you can import them in glbasic eventuelly.

stuff in c++ is more cross compatible.
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So I was thinking about creating a ProcedureCDLL type functions cdec Windows .dll in / through PureBasic - how hard would it be to then make a wrapper for that for GL Basic?


It would be no problem at all, as long as you want it just for use in Windows.

PureBasic DLL's are easy to use in GLBasic.


Cheers MrTAToad!

Re-assuring in terms of coming across to GLBasic...

(although what if you want say SLQLite commands in GLBasic to compile to an Android app...?)

Whilst I'm here, I've noticed the SQLite plugin and the augmented Box2D plugin,

Are there any other cool plugins for GLBasic?

- 3d physics?
- bullet physics?
- a.i. / pathfinding? (although I see GLBasic has pathfinding anyway)


Backslider did work on bullet wrapper here:

You will also find Pathfinding routines around the forum and GLB comes with a standard one.


im not sure a fps or something like that is best with glbasic, if you ask me. Im do have seen a pretty nice 3d space game and smaller 3d games used glbasic. Most of us do uses 2d me thinks.

howover im even not uses glbasic for Windows only thing, but im like glbasic for mobile development. Since you wrote due Cross Platform, you cant use dll's at all, other doing than eventuelly replacemant for other platforms. Howover glbasic can been extended with wrapper, if you have a nice c++ knowable. On Android you also need some sort of Java for Extras functions. Here im like that way glbasic can been extended, but still havce cross platform in mind.

Howover try out the free version....
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@ spacefractal and erico,

Thanks all - nice to see this is a good lively forum.

Will try the free version, as you say, and take from there...


Do you really need a full DB solution? For most game projects thats way to much overkill and simple solutions with a own file format or with INIs will just do fine. Maybe it will be suitable for you too?
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Jonás Perusquía

I wrote an app in GLBasic using DDGUI and the SQLite wrapper found in the forums, the app works great and i still have updates for it.

GLBasic does really work great :)
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