Objecty - 2D game development Tools on Kickstarter

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Just thought i'd bring this to peoples attention, skn3 posted about it a few months ago
but it's now on kickstarter

QuoteThe ultimate 2D game development tool. Create skeletal animations, sprites, levels, tilemaps, more!
Use with your existing engines.

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Hi Just I started yesterday a similar project whit GLbasic, make all this things not it´s too much complex, well I do in another way because it´s an internal tool for develop games very quickly...

For pay for this app it´s nice I collaborate whit some crownfunding projects and it´s nice for a bit money have something...

The program looks nice, but I look something similar to Game maker... where it´s the 3d... uhmm 


It's a well presented video and I wish him luck with it. Nice to see my tiles being used in the map editor section too :)
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I've been watching this one. If you like it, fund it. They seem to be having problems getting enough backers. Its a shame their Kickstarter video funding pitch wasn't better thought out because its a good idea for a product. Its also a shame that two of the major things Objecty does are also done by well known tools that are very specialised in their respective areas, i.e. Texture Packer and Spriter.