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Real VSYNC? (not just fps limit or/and deltatime)

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Kitty Hello:
I'll fix it with the next version, so it uses the vsync for LIMITFPS >0.

thanks kitty hello  :good:


--- Quote ---I'll fix it with the next version, so it uses the vsync for LIMITFPS >0.
--- End quote ---

Isn't he asking to do a vsync when LIMITFPS is -1?
For dynamic delta times?


--- Quote ---With glfwSwapInterval(1) the program is perfectly synchronised with the video card
Not with LIMITFPS -1 (and use of deltatime) :(
--- End quote ---

in french:
Oui effectivement Slydog.
Mais avec la LIMITFPS>0 le vsync n'est pas parfait non plus.  :(
Donc c'est important pour les deux.
J'espere que Kitty le fera aussi pour LIMITFPS -1   ;)

in english:
Yes indeed Slydog.
But with the LIMITFPS>0 the vsync is not perfect either.  :(
So it's important for both.
I hope that Kitty will do it also for LIMITFPS -1   ;)

I think I have seen that issue in Greedy Mouse as well. Something with LIMITFPS 60 its got choopy sometimes without any reason. Not sure its due frameskipping metod I use or LIMITFPS its self. I did believe LIMITFPS 50 was more stable for some reason than LIMITFPS 60.

On some machines I heard its can screen tear, while not on others (but just lag sometimes).

So yes we should have some real vsync option (howover I got it fixed to MacOS, which I reported the bug too, but can happens on Windows too).


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