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Wumbo's Adventure II for PocketPC

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I downloaded the game and copied it to my PocketPC.  It runs (though on my Dell 400Mhz I have to use the executable for slower machines), but when I get to the screen with the word Game and the letters A, B and C I can't do anything.  What do I need to do to start a game?

Kitty Hello:
Press the 5th button. The button for the sound record on my iPAQ. Do you see the stars running in circles around the game-selection?
Please use game-slow B, A is already at a higher level.

Well, I'm not sure why you chose the 5th button, but there doesn't seem to be an equivalent on the Dell.  I have pressed every button on my PPC short of the Reset and I can't get the game to start.

Kitty Hello:
Oh... In the title screen. After the text starts scolling up, press the button for audio record. No?

Unfortunately, the button for recording doesn't do anything during any part of the application.  Just to be sure, I assigned an action to the Record button so I would know it was working okay, and sure enough the program I assigned to the Record button launched when I clicked the Record button.  I just can't seem to do anything in Wumbo with the record button.


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