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Ah, ok, sorry I misunderstood when you said it contained a simple GLB project.

I'll try and get a moment to try it out this weekend. Busy one this time so might not get the chance till next week.


Dark Schneider:
Project updated (look at the first post), what I have tested:

- Device not supporting GC: all fine, there is no crash.

- Device suppotring GC: iPad. All reporting features works well, tested with a real app project with GC configured and the scores and achievements reports work fine, both on iPad and on iPhone mode. Note: when I talk about iPhone mode it means runing the app compiled as iPhone only on an iPad, not a real iPhone.
Showing tables:
iPad mode: leaderboards doesn't show, achievements works fine.
iPhone mode: both shows correctly, no animation when hiding.

I have tested it trying to force it to crash, with a long sequence of continuous show/hide, show/hide..., sliding the finger while showing and while hiding, etc. But all tests was on iPad (both iPad and iPhone modes).

I have simplified the project so it only have 3 buttons, "Add score", "show leader" and "show achievs" for evading crashes for using reports to an undefined/unconfigured GC app.
Then what I need is someone to test ONLY the "show" (both) on a real iPhone, trying to force it like I said before (show/hide, show/hide, show/hide, sliding fingers while shows/hides, etc.) and report the results.
The "add socre" button is used to see if continue to having control over the app when hiding a panel. The buttons respond to the event "lift up" the finger, because I noticed the boards can block the control if we have pressed on the screen at the moment they appear. So responding to this event we are sure there is no finger on the screen when we show the board.

How is this going? Have you got any further? Is it still just in XCode or have you linked to a project in GLB? I'm sure a fair few people here are hoping it works out well.


completely agree with Crivens!
how is it going? this project seems quite interesting! it would be great to have it done to boost the games of the community! :)
let us know something more about it!!!  :nw:
best of lucks!

Heh, completely forgot about this. Yeah, any news?



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