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« on: 2010-Dec-01 »
Ich arbeite momentan etwas mit der Commandline. Eine Funktion die überprüft ob ein Wert eine "Zahl" ist oder Buchstaben beinhaltet wäre sehr vorteilhaft D;

Edit: I see, I forget "to english":

I'm currently working with the commandline a bit. A function that checks if a value is a "number" or contains letters would be kinda nice.
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Re: Isnumber()
« Reply #1 on: 2010-Dec-02 »
You could check by making sure each character is between 0 and 9, + or - and, if accepting decimal points '.'

Letters would be harder depending on how international you want the check.

It may be easier to just interface with the is isnum and isalpha C commands using INLINE

  extern "C" isnum(char one);
  extern "C" isalpha(char one);

and then write a function to check each letter for numbers and/or characters