scrollbar bugs

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I've been coding my own GUI for my board game project then remembered that DD-Gui existed. I've since been having a look at it to determine whether to change my game to use it or keep working on my own.
Looking at the example project I found what I consider some bugs with the DD-Gui scrollbar (I also have a couple of enhancement requests ;) ) I haven't had the time yet to figure out how it all works to see how long they would take me to code myself. Maybe someone has made their own widget to provide the functionality? Or maybe someone could provide me with some pointers to make the changes myself.

1) Bug 1 with the scrollbar
* Run the example program
* Resize the dialog vertically until you get a scrollbar
* If you click and drag the scrollbar, it scrolls as you would expect. If you are still holding the mouse button down though and move it too far down, you end up over the window resize icon and start resizing the window. Also, if you drag too far up and end up on the titlebar you start moving the dialog around.

2) Bug 2
This is only a "bug" in as much as it works differently to how scrollbars usually work.
Typically if you click anywhere on a slider, you grab the slider and what the window is showing doesn't move. With DD-Gui, if you click on the slider where it is near the middle of the scrollbar, the slider moves to halfway up the scrollbar, and the window contents scroll to halfway up the window. In typical windows scrollbars, clicking anywhere on the slider will not make the slider move.