Drawing with DEPTH

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Dark Schneider

Yes, depth for 2D drawing, the idea is for save fill-rate. Enable the depth buffer for 2D so we can draw 1-bit alpha graphics in front-to-back order and save much fill-rate.

2D functions could have a new 'depth%' param (0 used if not indicated) with 256 levels (0-255 values), 0 is total front and 255 is total back. Or use instead the same depth configured with a previous X_MAKE3D.

Using a default value of 0 like with vertex color in POLYVECTORs RGB(255,255,255) with no need to pass a value there is no need to re-write old codes.

S. P. Gardebiter

Well, there is a way you could do that with code too o:
But with real depth it would be easier for some things, yes.
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