Author Topic: Round a decimal, to the Power's of 10. Up and Down  (Read 4941 times)


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Based on code from Dreamora, this rounds a number to a given number of decimal places :

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
DEBUG "Round : "+round(10.34,1)+"\n"

FUNCTION roundToDP:number,dp%
LOCAL result

RETURN (result/t)
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Thanks Toad, your function rounds the numbers up, like bankers math.
If last number is >=0.5 it adds 0.5.
I think that is called bankers rounding or has alot of names actually.
Im not positive, but it might be called ceiling() in C++?

Almost like your function, this function rounds down ( floor() in C++ ? ),
 it truncuates the number to the power of 10, and doesnt round up:
Code: (glbasic) [Select]

FUNCTION DecimalPower: Real_Number, Decimal_Power
//Round Down, a Decimal Number, to the nearest power of 10.
// The Decimal Power must be a power of 10, ie: 1 2 3 4 etc

 RETURN INTEGER( Real_Number * POW( 10, Decimal_Power ) ) / POW( 10, Decimal_Power )


And here is a sample project that shows both functions in action:

[attachment deleted by admin]
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Volume_of_Earth(km^3) = 4/3*3.14*POW(6371.392896,3)


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Looks good!