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To stimulate a bit of discussion I have a fairly open-ended question.

What are your future plans for GLBasic?  Elsewhere you have stated that it's a 3D environment for beginners.  Is your plan to continue development to serve the needs of more advanced users?  If so, any hints on what you have in mind?


Kitty Hello:

well, first: GLBasic should be a very easy programming language with wich you can write semi-professinoal games in no time. This is the most important thing. Less typing, less reading docs, faster releases. Of couse working on newer technologies will occour. We had VBO last time and will get cell (cartoon) shading soon. Also a port to Mac OS X is desired. More, the compilation for Linux binaries will be sped up. If there's no chance on getting the compiler working on Windows, a web-server will be created that does the job automatically.
If you wish to have any particular feature, please give a hint. Usually user request are implemented within a week or 2.

Have a nice day,

Continuing UserN's question:
Do you plan GLBasic be able to handle DLLs?
(It would be excellent action working together GLBasic and Codemercenaires
 Gmbh products.)
Best regards          SZILAN

Kitty Hello:
Yes, I'll add support for it. I have more important things to do right now, but after that I'll implement it.

Fascinating news! Thanx Gernot. SZILAN


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