Can you help with my font ?

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Just posted this in another forum, after adding the extra characters at the bottom (it used to be 16x8 cells, now 16x16).  The size of each character is 9x9 pixels.  I've doubled the height of the image, and then added the additional characters in the bottom half.

However when I load the font in and print, it comes out all garbled.  Looks like two characters are being picked for each letter so it's still being treated as a 16x8 grid instead of a 16x16 grid?  Can you let me know what I need to change to make this font work correctly please.


Not sure if its the problem but 144x144 is not the power of two? I dont use the built in font routines, I use sprites myself so I'm unsure if this may be a problem with the Font routines?


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Kitty Hello


Are you able to load that in and Print correctly Gernot?  

BTW, many of my font image strips are not ^2...the 16x8 cell version of the same image for example (which does work).


Found the answer, made the canvas one pixel higher, GL now recognises it as a 16x16 font set now.