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Naver take a summer off from coding...

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Took a break from coding over the summer. Now I  cant remember a thing and the fear of code is growing...   :noggin:

Note to self: DOCUMENT MORE!   :'(

Yeap coming back from a longer break can be hard, so don't rush and work it slowly to get back to proper state of mind.
My advise is also document each day progress in some way - few sentences in notepad, and more important proper TODO log, with even small task that needs to be done, bugs to fix, new ideas etc. - with their current state. This way is much easier to come back faster after some break.
I always have issues with proper documenting the code, as 'nah I will remember about that' always come to my mind, and later you can guess how it ends :D

Even with stuff very well documented, in and outside of the code, that happens to me too.
It is usually a matter of spending 2-4 days messing with the code so stuff starts to come back.
My problem is usually the variableĀ“s relationship, the algo itself, not quite the meaning of things.

I have the same problem. You would think I would recognise my own code but no!  =D

I try to document but it's never enough. I was taught proper documentation's practices at college but I was amazed to find that many times it took longer to document than code!  =D So i try to find a happy medium.

One extra small thing Ive done which helps, is that I made a function in my game that zips a copy of the source files(names it current time and date) every time I run the game. This gives me a rudimentary version system through each day, so it's easy to back track.


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