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So here's another game, a Boulderdash type, that I get near to completion, well at least the goal was for functionality so that it just now needs some design and art.  :whistle:  Any suggestions for what the players could be? perhaps erico might like to help me complete this game so it looks presentable and fun.  :P


Working good :good:
Have you implemented chasing enemys yet?
(Only tried up to Lvl 3 so far)


hey cheers nabz32 for 1st up. yeah there should be enemies and pickups as I had envisioned them from the start as I've many drawn inspiration from 3DS Boulder Dash XL 3D. It's in a state where I just want to wrap it up, hence it be more like a timer challenge, so on a mobile phone it could be a quick round of just turn based dash strategy. Right now, it would be nice to clean it up and design a simple player model and improve the textures.


Just tried, plays pretty good, though it feels a bit easy.
I have to think on what to come up for its visuals, are your 3d models done inside code?

edit: checked midia folder, no objects neither textures, so I take you are generating in code.


Yes everything, objects and textures are created at init runtime but this shouldn't be an issue right now.

I would like to make the first few level very easy as the aim to "solve" the puzzle. With a timer clock I think would help. Those who have tested enjoy the easiness and are not looking for a challenge. Thanks for testing, and right now I think it's okay to just focus on the aesthetics and theme ideas as I'm not in creative mood lately with this game.


Ok, what are the objects currently in game? I will try to list, correct me if I miss something.

-Ground blocks (the ones you walk over)
-Grass blocks (the ones you destroy by touching)
-Level brick wall
-Diamonds (are forever...)

Are there any limitations? For example, if perspective is banked a bit or if I can fill the area outside the map, etc.


erico, I'm not sure how listing the object will help as they are done. Just some suggestion for how the player should look, then move to level and title refinements for now.


Ok, it is just that knowing the scope of the assets helps creating a theme.
So I will consider those for now, probably going for a low poly+pixel art.

It has been a long while since I last did anything 3d with GLB.


I have been trying to get my mind around this for a while, but it is tough.
It may sound like a wussy thing, but let me be clear, I can´t get my head around doing top down gfx to this as it looks considering it is 3d and things are falling south, where it should be down.

That case goes fine in low res 2d, you trick things that way me guesses.

Yesterday an idea came to mind, that it could be ´aquaplay´styled. You know, those water screen handhelds... a picture appended if you are floating.

So a vertical approach would be cool, but what exactly is the player is still a tough thing to figure out, one that goes about any direction without the will of gravity while anything 3d responds directly to newton stuff?

I´m thinking gfx here more into real stuff then abstract, let me think a little more into it.