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in the Twisted Lines:

Rules could have been explained better. Im could not sovle the first level in Normal at all, until im in many tries found up, you actuelly could cross a line (which is often disallowerd in this kind of games, but its a nice idea throught). A little idea for this game, why not possible to select both ends on a line?

This would make more sense, which can been confusion since you using the same graphics on both ends and looks like you can select it, but you cant do that?

This could do a more fun to the puzzle, so you could start on a "center" off a area and does not break a sovle at all.
im today just checked this game on my steam deck. The game works, but the controls is confusion.

When you select something, the next screen, the default one selected is on the BACK button, rather on the lastest level possible. This os very odd, which means by pressing X, you allways go from and back on same two selection screens and newer start a game. This is odd and confusion really. This is on the Twisted Line.

Also when you completed a game, its also selected the wrong one first. Its should allways auto selected on the next one really.

Both is small thing throught, not major: Its fully playable on the Deck and such a nice game to play on a Deck really. If you have used the music command? Then Vavle might have fixed it in a very recent release.
GLBasic - en / Re: speeding up mathematical operations?
« Last post by Ian Price on 2022-Oct-14 »
Please do come back to this - while puzzle games aren't generally as popular as other genres, they do garner a good following and there's always room for more, especially ones like this that aren't paerticularly well known.

As for starting positions, yeah, selecting a start for a solvable puzzle is tricky. You could start by making a percentage of cells visible (or make have it varied based on player difficulty), and then create a system that can try to solve the puzzle. If it can't,  re-select the start clues.
Hey everybody.

As the title says already, I´m currently downloading the new glbasic version from steam. Also I want to buy the html5 compiler probably.

It seems that a long time has gone since my last update and I dont want to miss anything important. So I wanted to ask what are the most important changes, new features, speed improvements ect since Version 10.2?

Also I would like to buy the html5 compiler. Is it easy to use? Just want to use it with 2d games, no 3d.

thanks for your attention  :booze:

GLBasic - en / Re: speeding up mathematical operations?
« Last post by svenart on 2022-Oct-14 »
thank you all for your answers. My generator needed around 300-000 and 2.million attempts to randomly create a binary puzzle, but when I generate for 12x12 instead of 8x8 it takes like 100 times longer (minutes). Meanwhile I have updated the program and it is working much faster. However, after I realised that i need not only a grid of 0 and 1 that is working, but also it must be ensured that the player can solve it (depending on what fields are visible at the beginning). i really lost any hope for the moment to solve this problem. Thank you all again!
Im actuelly used this for only one thing for some of my games: Checking if Steam Deck is used. The reasons is some of my games is default set to a windowred mode. This is a no go on the Steam deck, where im wanted full screen mode...... Actuelly got to work fine.

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
LOCAL mySteam AS stats_manager_object, i1%
LOCAL isok%=mySteam.Init%(1)
IF isok%<>0

also if you dont check the steam was init or not and user launch the exe outside steam, then its will crash. Hence im checking for that.
Im recently try to get all games to work with Steam Deck. Karma Miwa was wierd when connected to a tv and default resolution was used. Lol. Its was long time im actuelly used glbasic (other than small tools used for Spectrum Next stuff, Etc Baggers in Space: Detour and currectly Crowley World Tour 2).
GLBasic - en / Re: Naver take a summer off from coding...
« Last post by Ian Price on 2022-Oct-13 »
Cheers. I'll get back to it I'm sure. Too many ideas to just give up on. :)
GLBasic - en / Re: Naver take a summer off from coding...
« Last post by bigsofty on 2022-Oct-12 »
Ah, no worries, your heart and priorities are in the right place Ian. I hope you find the time to get back to your hobby.
GLBasic - en / Re: speeding up mathematical operations?
« Last post by Kitty Hello on 2022-Oct-12 »
Most of the times its your algorithm. Invert a loop here, use an array instead of a loop there...
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