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GLBasic - en / Re: Steam HTML5 Compiler
« Last post by loftcat on 2022-Sep-23 »
Thanks for the advice. I've downloaded XAMPP and installed. Seems to be running ok as I can create a simple html file in the htdocs folder and open it fine.

I've tried recompiling to HTML5 webGL once again with a brand new simple three line program to display hello world. The good news I think is I'm no longer getting the OUTLINING_LIMIT error, but still getting an odd error at the end of the compiling:

em++: error: 'Q:\Compiler\platform\HTML5\emsdk\upstream\emscripten\tools\file_packager.bat C:\Users\tonyk\AppData\Local\Temp\glbasic\ --from-emcc --export-name=Module --preload Media' failed (1)
distribute HTML5 to: C:/GLB/GLBasic/HelloAgain/distribute/HTML5
*** Finished ***
Elapsed: 11.1 sec. Time: 23:10
Build: 5 succeeded.

The wasm file is 235kb and along with run_local_test.bat are the only files generated. If I drop the wasm file into the XAMPP htdocs folder and try opening https://localhost/HelloAgain.wasm from a web browser it prompts to download the wasm file. It then does something odd where it automatically keeps opening multiple browser tabs until I force close the browser.  It's a bit odd and slightly inconsistent which isn't helping. Hoping Gernot might see this when he's feeling better and can help  =D
Announcements / Re: My Steam projects - BR Logic Pack..
« Last post by loftcat on 2022-Sep-22 »
Thanks for sharing how you created a menu for your games pack. One of the thngs I like is how they all feel a part of the same pack, well thought out. I have a few mini games that I'd like to do this with, I will have to think about all my procedures and variables and how easy this would be to do retrospectively.

Great looking maze by the way, keep us updated on your progress!
Announcements / Re: My Steam projects - BR Logic Pack..
« Last post by bigsofty on 2022-Sep-22 »
3D mazes look hard!  :D Great work Dreamerman!

And Erico, that's some serious cardboard crafting skills right there, well done!
GLBasic - en / Quest 2 virtual reality device on GLB
« Last post by erico on 2022-Sep-22 »
Did anyone here try that out? My professor advisor is going to purchase a couple of these and I wonder if it is possible to rock them under GLB.
If no one tried it before, well, I will have a chance to check it in a few months and will let you guys know how it goes.
Off Topic / Re: Retiring 32bit Windows?
« Last post by erico on 2022-Sep-22 »
Also, legacy as a lower level support is something I enjoy. My GLB games for PC are on the market for quite some years over a few windows versions and it all runs fine, no need for me to tackle anything. This is very nice as I donĀ“t take well to have to update ones own app every year because of system something or whatever. My games are made to sell over a long period of time, not all in one, so it all works great for me.
Announcements / Re: My Steam projects - BR Logic Pack..
« Last post by erico on 2022-Sep-22 »
That is superbly nice! I build a wood and cardboard 3d maze last year out of an interesting design I found on the webs.
The maze is my own. I intended to add a sort of dungeon game over it, but never got too deep into it. :)
Announcements / Re: My Steam projects - BR Logic Pack..
« Last post by dreamerman on 2022-Sep-20 »
Sadly there is not so much people that likes such small 2d puzzles, people prefer something more artistic driven - like 'The Witness', or it's just rather not popular at moment.

Thanks, to be honest that main menu should be animated/interactive in a way that would show how each game is looking, but this would be just to much work for something like this. But if I will make some 'Action Pack' that would be preferred way to make main menu.
Yes all games are in one exe/project, as those are small games that's not an issue, of course some games have dedicated variables, but most things are shared like map/board structure.
main loop is something like this:
Code: (glbasic) [Select]
do UI stuff (handles inputs, events, drawing both UI and game canvas)
if stage = game_1_
do game_1_logic (AI, tiles animations)
elseif stage = game_2_
do game_2_logic
similar for user input, proper click/key handling function is called depending on game.

Progress with current maze mini-game.
Porting maze generation code to GLB finished, core board generation is done, but most functions like mouse/touch/key events, undo, needs coding/tweaks. 3D maze generation is working nice, not sure about texturing scheme I should use for it, will play with controls for this game mode, now it looks like this:
GLBasic - en / Re: Steam HTML5 Compiler
« Last post by dreamerman on 2022-Sep-20 »
Sorry for late reply, there were some newer topics about HTML5, generally for me it always had some issues, tutorials and other such small things were compiled ok, but normal projects, with OpenGL inline had some issues, from v16 HTML5 looked broken for me completely, scripts were based on older emscripten and there was some version / arguments conflict.
I don't have HTML5 dlc for current GLB version, so can't test anything.
HTML5_WebGL was referred target as it supports more advanced rendering routines.

What file size has that *wasm file?
Generally browsers will not launch wasm normally, you need some local webserver to make them available (security reasons), one of most popular is XAMPP, if wasm file is good, put it to local server htdocs (or whatever directory for document will be called) and run it with something like this: "localhost://Hello_world.wasm"
No idea what with that media packing error that you got.
GLBasic - en / Re: GLBASIC updates this year?
« Last post by dreamerman on 2022-Sep-20 »
Linux was one of targets for previous GLB versions, and should be possible, may require some changes/updates in compilation parameters, but more important would be Steam OS 2/3 support without need to install additional libraries.
MacOS even without official AppStore also would be nice - Steam is enough, not sure what are restrictions on OpenGL emulation on M1/Arm devices.
I will patiently wait for any info about this ;)
Off Topic / Re: RIP Oli Frey
« Last post by dreamerman on 2022-Sep-20 »
I looked at some of his work, and those magazine covers look great, true artist. Covers of many other magazines where copy/paste or simple reworks from official game art, even years later.
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