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FAQ / Re: Missing Forums Attachments
« Last post by Qedo on 2022-Dec-01 »
Missing attachment in this post:
Is it possible to reactivate?
Thank you
Media Section / Re: STEAM - Asset Creator
« Last post by bigsofty on 2022-Nov-28 »
Good stuff!  :good:
Media Section / Re: STEAM - Asset Creator
« Last post by erico on 2022-Nov-28 »
Nice! :enc:
Media Section / Re: STEAM - Asset Creator
« Last post by Kitty Hello on 2022-Nov-27 »
I updated this to also create vertical capsules.
nice spotted and fixed (its was a renamed function using the old function name).

Im did not uses any costume and actuelly im did not need to uses it at all for that game anyway, because im used GameInput.GetNumberOfPlayers() instead (that wasent in the game from the start)...

Alternative example could been this, if you want to check whick type of controller (keyboard or touch). The GameInput does not check about that. Just a idea, if you using a touch/mouse interface as well.

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
IF GameInput.Left(i)+GameInput.LeftStick_Left(i)+GameInput.RightStick_Left(i)>0

type is not defined : TYPE 'GameInputs' has no member 'GetPlayerName$'

Possibly a custom function for your game?
btw autofire is something that could been implemenet in same style as a fpscounter.... this is something im actuelly cannot implement in this gameinput as the api does not get a call when a button is released. but should been easy to been implemented in a game, that want to checking that.

Also auto fire wasent fun in PowerUp Elevation, lol. That bird just keep jumping low and could not jump high at all. In a shooter game, well, im would property implement a such of a cool down feature anyway. Im think even Warhawk did that for the Speccy Next port.
auto fire and buffede controls was not the main scope of this code, not this time. the main scope was actuelly remapping on both keyboard and gamepad. None of my games would have a advancment of a auto fire at all anyway. You are fell free to add that of course if you want.

Also if you ask me, im would not care about it in a single player game.
Lookin good Spacefractal, I'll test it when I get back to my house, tomorrow night.  :good:
just updated, so remapping can been started from a mouse and then wait the mousebutton to been released before countine. This was done if a user should screw the remapping and cant remapping, they could been remapped by touch/clicking on the reamp and then start it again. A fail safe procudure.
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