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I like in Greedy Mouse how you can rotate the phone round 360 degrees and the game follows...

GLBasic - en / Re: Identify iPhone models
« on: 2014-Oct-08 »
Aha thanks space fractal.
I'll try that out and write a function for identifiing the models .

Have now found your earlier forum post on it.

Thanks again.

GLBasic - en / Identify iPhone models
« on: 2014-Oct-08 »
I would like to be able to identify iphone /iPad models but reckon objective c would need to be required to do this .
I'm sure I saw one on this forum before unless I am thinking of ones I have seen elsewhere in pure objective c.

Anyone written such a function already ?


I bought Greedy Mouse a while back and just saw the update. Works great on iPhone 6 here.  :booze:

Thanks spacefractal.

I have developed my own instructions for modifying the current glbasic project to work on xcode 8 but they are about 20 steps lol.

will try out your version and report back. thanks for your work - its not easy is it!

Hi Thats great news.

I haven't addressed the landscape mode fix yet as I have been busy fixing bugs in my scaling code that showed up on the newer screen sizes. Got there now.

Will remove landscape support from XCode and see what happens. I take it this is a launch mode fix only - so its ok in your game to allow screen to be rotated once game is launched? Just my game on ipad changes as you rotate screen from portrait to landscape, and upside down etc. will test later today what happens..

Good to know you got accepted anyway.

I can't even get it to work with the home button - always restarts the app when I go back into it?

Hi my findings are similar on iPhone 6 plus with zoom and standard mode.


In my iOS app I have handlers for glb_pause and glb_resume but my
App doesn't seem to work despite it supposedly detecting pause mode etc.

In short if I come out of my app in iOS and go back into it the whole
App relaunches from the start again instead of resuming.

Any ideas why?

Is there a setting in the Xcode project I need to change to get this working..


Yeo agree assett catalogue is way to go to handle the many many icons and launch images now .
I've been manually adding an asset catalogue by clicking the migrate settings button in Xcode .

My app in glbasic reports the iPhone 6 plus screen size
At 2208x1242 - not the expected 1920x1080.

It doesn't appear glbasic will get to "see" the 1920x1080 actual pixel size.

All non-metal rendering is to a virtual buffer larger than the physical pixel dimensions.
This being 2208x1242

A hardware scaler is then used on the iPhone 6 plus model to bring this down to device native

It would be nice to get at the 1920x1080 native with OpenGL but it doesn't seem to be the case?

This German site explains it well

Sorry still to test and report back on x/y issue.


I finally got my app detecting the correct iPhone 6 screen resolution. However the resolution is quite surprising. It isn't the expected 1280p resolution - take a look here to see what it was and why..

Bottom line - you have to add new LaunchIcons into the Xcode 6 project, then the app runs natively instead of scaled - well to a degree as website above explains. It is complicated!


I tried my game on iPhone 6 but it can't "see" the native screen resolution only the emulated ios7 mode one if you follow.
I changed active iOS from 4.3 to 8.0 but project then won't compile any more citing errors.
This was with final Xcode 6.
Anyone else managed to get their apps running in native res yet?

Noted Spacefractal and thanks for confirming the info there.

I would like to be able to detect via screen size, the new iPhone 6 models - specifically the Plus model to start with as my app behaves slightly differently when running on an iPhone compared to an iPad, regarding game control modes it enables etc.

I would like to enable the mode I use on iPad where the user can guide his character around the screen directly by touching a path to follow. At the moment on iPhone, it was too small a screen size physically with big fingers for this mode to be enabled by me as it wasn't playable. I enabled it in iPad mode.

I would like to enable it on the iPhone 6 Plus to start with and see how it goes...

I have downloaded my App Rock Crush from the App Store and it was compiled a few weeks back with Xcode 5.
The App runs and looks fine but the info screen on my app reports app sees screen resolution as same as iPhone 5s...

I was going to ask here why that might be but I am really glad I started writing ths post as it has just occurred to me that it might be a good idea to recompile the project for the final Xcode 6 and try that on the device instead to see what app reports as screen size.

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