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I haven't optimised or used any fancy options. Just wanted to get it working - at all.

I didn't update gradle...

I put in some screen flashing code on the media loading so I can see if it did at least that and it was loading the media before crashing.

Funnily though I've just got the signed apk working on my phone but under strange circumstances. It doesn't work, but then if I clean the cache it will run.

Anyone have any idea what that's all about? Why does a new install have a cache with it and why does the game not run until it's cleared? :/

I think I'm really out of my depth and ought to give up on coding, especially for mobile. Things have changed a lot over the last half dozen years and it's just got more confusing to me.
Sorry to be a pain yet again, but sound is working now (yay) and I got a debug build working on my phone with sound (yay) but as soon as I sign the APK it stops working (boo!) and all I get is a black screen for a second and then the app closes down again... :(

I'm pulling my hair out as I thought it was all working great and uploaded an update to google and didn't realise there was a problem until I started getting one star reviews saying the game no longer works at all..

Why does debug work but not a signed apk? It is signing and installing with no errors... but then blackscreen and force close. :(

Thanks guys. (help me obi-wan, you are my only hope...)

Quote2020-09-19 16:33:54.984 1239-1384/? E/InputDispatcher: channel 'eff7c1d com.tcksoft.blitz/ (server)' ~ Channel is unrecoverably broken and will be disposed!

Thanks I will give that a try and fingers crossed.

It's rather frustrating. To say the least.
I've got it building and running on my phone, but no sound? I'm using wav files but nothing is playing. The graphics are working but no sound.

Do I have to initialise the mixer or something? I don't have a clue.
Well I got a apk compiled but it doesn't actually work it says it has a fatal error. Probably a schoolboy error as I've never used android studio before and with it was simple still like the old days.

Quotejava.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to instantiate activity ComponentInfo{com.tcksoft.blitz/}: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Didn't find class "" on path: DexPathList[[zip file "/data/app/com.tcksoft.blitz-8d5YTa9SdmINaA_Ah0AnzA==/base.apk"]
.... yaddayaddayadda.

No default activity? How has it/me managed that and any idea how to fix it please? Cheers.
I'm trying to build for Android and as far as I'm aware I've installed everything I need to.

Android Studio just comes up with configuring projects and doesn't get past that no matter how long I leave it. It also seems to be using my network connection constantly for some reason?

Any ideas guys?
Cooeee... Anyone home, dude?  :whip: :-* ;)
Hi Gernot and co,

I have also had a new install of windows and can't find my code. I used to have it in Thunderbird Mail client, that's how long ago it was!

If you have it in your records and can pass it along that would be super helpful thank you, as Google Play has kicked my Retro Blitz app for the old pnglib problem, and I need to recompile with a fixed version to get it back up and running.

Cheers! :D

Is there any update on this please? :bed:
I can confirm that CreateScreen is now working on Nexus 7. Fantastic. Thank you!  :nw:
Is the Nexus 7 (and others) CreateScreen fix in the new beta, so that it tries different colour depths? Thanks.
That's great news. Can you let us know when it's added to the beta so I can try compile my game and get someone with a Nexus to try it for me.  :good:
This is the same problem that has been haunting people for a year plus? It would be great if a fix is possible. Then I don't have to learn java to get my game working on these devices. lol
Off Topic / Re: nexus 7 ??
Apparently my game doesn't work on it. I just have to add it to the large list of devices it doesn't work on :(
Beta Tests / Re: V11 beta
The Windows native iPhone compile didn't make it in to v11? Shame but it seems from reading that some things are a lot faster which is always good. :)