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Off Topic / Re: z80 assembly
Having made 3 games in Z80 (and two more almost finished) I can only agree that it's a hugely rewarding language to code in. So much fun.
I also played around with 68000 back when I had an Amiga and would love to make a game for that processor some time. The big problem is just finding the time to do it.  :doubt:
Quote from: erico on 2013-Sep-19
The Speccies looks amazing! Really great in game inferface and fonts and everything else!
The cassete audio version probably has those kriii kriiiiiii krrriiii sounds so pre 8-bits!
Great work!

Thanks. And yeah, lots of kriii kriiiiiii krrriiii sounds. :)

Quote from: bigsofty on 2013-Sep-19
Wow, pure Z80 assembly, good for you man, no easy job!  :nw: I'll try and spread the word on your games too.

BTW what was your dev set-up for coding on the Speccy?

I'm using Pasmo (the assembler), ConTEXT (the editor), SevenUP (for graphics work) and finally Spin (emulator).
Quote from: bigsofty on 2013-Sep-19

From a coders point of view this is impressive stuff, it even works on the iPad! From a nostalgia point of view, being an ex Spectrum owner, this gives me a warm cosy feeling all over!  =D

I agree. I love the Spectrum too - and that emulator is a great technical feat.

Btw, since you're into Spectrum games...have you seen the two games I just released for the Spectrum? ;)
Yes, it says "battery lasts 7 days" on the website.

It looks like a cool product - I want one...and yes - it could be fun coding something for it (but I have absolutely no idea what...but I don't think it's very suitable for games).

...but...I don't wear watches and I don't like to. I've just gotten so used to using my phone as my watch.
That looks really good. Very professional and full of all the features you'd expect from a modern 2D platformer. Plus cute graphics and good soundeffects.  :good:
Quote from: spacefractal on 2013-May-13
Im not plans to do the sound my self (other than placeholders).

Why not?'re good at it. :)
Have you tried doing a Google Image Search for "ripped sprite sheet"?'ll get loads and loads of results.  :)

Oh, and I hope this doesn't come off as too pedantic, but could you please please make an effort to write "with" instead if "whit"?'s such a common english word and you use it a lot...or at least try to. A quick search on the forum reveals that you've used the correct spelling (with) only 3 times, but you've used the wrong way (whit) 455 times. I know you're not a native english speaker (neither am I) so perhaps you just not aware of your mistake, but it takes so little to improve your language, so just consider this a chance to improve your english. ;)
I have to agree with Ian and others - I love the flatshaded look too.  :good:

If you plan on putting in textures, then also please consider letting the player chose between that and flatshaded mode. ;)
That looks great Ian. Lovely graphics as usual. And the intro is very cute. :good:

I couldn't solve the first level that came up though (with an exploding barrel), but after exiting to the menu and starting again it started with an easier level (and the intro, which it didn't the first time).
Announcements / Re: OUYA SDK
Quote from: Ian Price on 2013-Feb-11
Quotethe name is OUYA please fix title xD

Now, if only someone could implement a global forum filter to replace whit with with, so I'd never have to see that again. That, or put it on the list of banned words so it'll get replaced with '****'.
Quote from: blackout12 on 2013-Feb-12this is my code, all it does is if you click, it loads a new image, how would I make it so that it only loads the image when i click on "person1"?
No, you currently already load all the images. What you want to say is "what do you need to do to show another image".

Here's a bit of pseudo code to get you going.

QuoteLoad image1
Load image2
   if imagecollide (mouse, image) then thisvariable=2
   if thisvariable=1 then showimage image1
   if thisvariable=2 then showimage image2
Until something's really all there is to it. ;)
Funny, but not something I'd want to do more than once.  :doubt:
Off Topic / Re: Had to laugh
Quote from: fuzzy70 on 2012-Nov-23

Having just bought a 4gb DDR3 stick for my laptop for a not bad price of £10 my partner came out with the following (& I quote)
QuoteYou paid £10 for 4gb, I payed £9 for a 32gb USB thingy last week & you're meant to be the computer expert

That is SO funny.  =D
I'm from Denmark. Copenhagen more precisely. :)
GLBasic - en / Re: Q*Boyd
Quote from: Minion on 2012-Nov-04
Just like to say I hit 1000 sales over night :)

Congratulations.  :good:  :nw: