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For 2D games, it would be great if commands (simplifying implementation and animation in GLBasic) supporting one or the other of the above could be implemented.  'Spiner' would be the preference....

'Spine' -

'Spriter' -

2D / Full command set for latest SQLite
« on: 2013-Jun-26 »
Would be enormously helpful when building games for Android as well as conventional Win32 etc.

the c source code:-

would come in useful?

I already have DBPro and PureBasic - but attracted to GLBasic because it is so cross platform and because I rather like the accessible format of the language.  Some doubts:-

1) There is some mention of a sqlite wrapper?  I cannot find it in the forum, only the main web page, is it still being developed?  Which version of SQLite does it support?;

1a) Any other support for database commands?

2) 2D - Do sprites in GLBasic support pixel perfect collision?

3) 3D - What about 3d terrain commands?

4) The IDE - i've read stuff on the web criticising the IDE - but looks ok when I look on the homepage - any comments?

5) How easy is it to create plugins / wrappers for GLBasic?

Any pointers gratefully received...

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