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can anyone send the imput source? it would be an appreciated  :good:
thank you
Tutorials / Re: Chat.GPT
Great, but Chat.GPT needs to study the syntax of Glbasic better  =D
DDgui_msg freeze html5:

result% = DDgui_msg("yes or not",TRUE )
Don't worry SF, perfect, tried and the right mouse works. Thank you :nw:
tried it and it's very nice big, the only problem but maybe it's my problem is the management of the direction keys
Perhaps they are too far away and often have to look at the position of my finger in relation to theirs.I don't know.
I will continue to play it to practice. Well done :booze:
Quote from: spacefractal on 2023-Feb-20to get right click working:
uses the new lib_glb_plus.js and replace the old one. that one does not needs any added changes to get it working, so you can uses MOUSESTATE with right click now (the posttool does that for you now).

SF where can I find the new lib_glb_plus?
is the folder "D:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\GLBasic_SDK\Compiler\platform\Win64" (on my computer with Win10)
I found it
I think it's just a problem in debugging mode.
if you add a line like:
debug LEN(strFileEntry$)+"\n" you will see the result is 0
hey bigsofty it's sad to hear what happened but i'm happy with your reaction, come on, and we look forward to seeing your work. :booze:
sorry, i confused DOS with GLB command
instead of LOADSPRITE "..\icon.bmp",0
LOCAL ok = SETCURRENTDIR("..") // One up level
LOADSPRITE "icon.bmp",0

provided that the bmp file resides in the parent folder
Your source code?
maybe I understood, try:
LOADSPRITE "..\icon.bmp",0
if the "icon.bmp" file is present in the "Media" folder add at the beginning:
Tutorials / Re: Chat.GPT
So is our fun over? let's hope that at least the imagination is lacking