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I'm sorry to hear this. My wife deceased nine years ago. Videogames, series, programming and talking to friends helped me a lot. Try to look ahead and take care.
Quote from: spacefractal on 2023-Mar-02Now im have 4 projects online, still missing 2:
I tested some games (Greedy Mouse, Spot Race, PowerUp Elevation) in Firefox version 102.13.0.esr and all works Ok. The sound is a bit loud in some, like you said. I'm impressed with your fixes to GLBasic HTML5. Greedy Mouse is art.
Thanks for the updates.  :booze:
Quote from: MrPlow on 2023-May-15Hi Dreamerman!
My AV BitDefender doesnt like the steam gbas files when trying to compile...
strip.exe fails on output.obj
Any ideas?
This may be a problem with your AV because new exe files are generated. Try to add an exception in the folder where you have the GLB projects or the output folder.
P.S. strip.exe is the compiler tool that removes debug info in executables.
Thank you!!
Quote from: loftcat on 2022-Sep-26
Good guide for GLB HTML5, is good to know all this things.
You can download Python in the offlicial page too, but I think in MS Store is easier for begginers.
In the GLB page of your Steam library you can see the updates in detail, or you can see in this page.

Update notes translated to English:

New commands: MEM2FONT, FONT2MEM
5 jul 2021

- New update
Mostly bug fixes with Shoebox and the editor.
15 jun 2021

- New Release
Win32: Fixed mouse wheel MOUSEAXIS(2) for SYSTEMPOINTER FALSE
HTML5: Platform now available on STEAM.
13 mar 2021

- Bugfixes
Editor: Bugfix for loading older project files (examples ...)
Core: Shoebox re-implemented. You have to recreate the SBX files!
13 mar 2021

- Autocomplete for TYPEs
The new update features autocomplete for TYPE members in editor.
10 ago 2019
I propose a solution based in Java class saving/loading, adapted to GLBasic TYPEs. Each type knows how to manage their data and a parent type (like an array or list), calls the loading or saving functions of the elements. Add functions to your TYPEs to save/load a single element to the file, and do the saving/loading loop in the parent list TYPE. Open the file from the container TYPE or array and pass the file channel to each element of the list.

Code (glbasic) Select

  // assign properties
  function Init: _a%, _b%, _name$
      self.a = _a
      self.b = _b$ = _name$

  // write element to file
  // file must be opened for write
  function SaveToFile: file%
      writeword file, self.a
      writeword file, self.b
      writeline file,$

  // load the element from file
  // file must be opened for read
  function LoadFromFile: file%
      readword file, self.a
      readword file, self.b
      readline file,$


// declare list of TYPEs
local mylist[] as MyType
dim mylist[3]

// fill mylist with elements
mylist(0).Init(1, 22, "Fist")
mylist(1).Init(2, 33, "Second")
mylist(2).Init(3, 44, "Third")

// save the list to a file
Openfile(1, "mylist.dat", FALSE)

For elem in list[]

Closefile 1

Off Topic / Re: Covid
Best wishes to you Bigsofty, take care and I hope you are better now.
In my hometown there was a clear zone used for emergency helicopters but they build a big supermarket there.
(the money, you know)
Wow, this is very cool for creating data at runtime using the "mem://" protocol.
WOW, you simulator is amazing!! Your work is enormous and very useful to study the gravity in the Universe.
Thanks for the good work and long life to GLBasic.  :booze:
I think you can use Win32 functions declaring with the IMPORT command and calling.

Code (glbasic) Select

// If the hCursor is NULL, the cursor is removed from the screen.
IMPORT "C" void* __stdcall SetCursor(void* hCursor)

// hide windows cursor

Happy new Year!! We hope this year will be better than 2020.
¿Do you need multi instances for opening many GLB projects at once? I never opened two projects at once.
I think must be a Steam requirement, because the launcher is an application manager.
Very cool game and funny Erico, I like the palette you selected and the GB style.
Quote from: Bluepixel on 2019-Dec-11
@Ian Price
Thanks a lot! :nw:
I will soon be getting a WIZ and seeing if I can get this all to work, I am wondering however, is there anything I need to keep in mind
when compiling to the WIZ? Or is it just like creating a desktop application? O_O

This is the help for compiling for other platforms:

When compiling for Wiz or Caanoo, you must to know that the screen is 320x200 only and you must to use small amount of memory (48 MB). This includes images (sprites) and preloaded sounds effects. The buttons are managed like special keys. The touch screen is managed like the mouse.

You can use the button key codes here:

For compiling for Wiz, you must to use the red bucket button (build multiplatform) and select the platform. Then your GLB code will be compiled and a distribution folder will be created with the executable (.gpe) and the resources you must to copy to the console SD card. Then with the Wiz explorer you can to execute your own games and programs.

Happy coding