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I decided to take the plunge and put Assembloids on Steam Greenlight (, so if you use Steam, it would be great if you vote for it.

This is a new version!



I'd recommend remaking your video. The video you have now is fine for people like the ones who hang out in programming forums (such as these). It is gonna be pretty scary for your average gamer though. Seeing the console output and so forth.

Just do a video of the actual game playfield not even showing the window frame or anything except the playfield.

Also, some sounds for clicking and such would be cool.

Steam audience can be pretty hard on casual games. There are a lot of vocal people on there who dislike anything that seems like it should be on a cell phone.

Still I think you might be able to get Greenlight if you can jazz it up just a little. First focusing on the game. Maybe shorten the video down to just 2 minutes or so and make it seem exciting. Some sound FX like Oh :( when you mess up and some Yay or Cheer/Applause when you do good. That sort of stuff. Basically it just needs some polish, a much shorter and more exciting video. Like a text describing something about the game then show maybe 5 seconds of game play. Another blank screen with text of another cool thing. Then show 5 to 6 seconds game play showing that and so forth.

I know you didn't ask for feedback and am just trying to be helpful.

At any rate I definitely wish you luck with it! :)


Yes, I've been  getting some sound effects to put in.  The menu system also needs re-vamping, it will just depend on whether its worth the time :)

The Steam forums are pretty toxic (and generally not a nice place), due to lack of moderation.  Most wouldn't know a decent game if they saw on either :)



Good Luck!    =D



Another reason for doing it, is, if I can get the game onto Steam, what the SDK requirements would be.  If it needs Valve stuff, then it wouldn't be possible to add GLBasic games.  If however, Valve just wraps the executable with an installer or something then it could work well.




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Just Voted!!!  :good:

Kitty Hello

So you can host games on steam? I'd be interested in this.


Unfortunately no - you need to gain enough votes to be able to put your games on Steam.  Its a bit of con really (and possibly a waste of money), but it is worth trying - there is no limit to the number of items you can try to submit...

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Hey, cool little game! :)
You really should do fullscreen/resolution options, polish the graphics and add more functionality to get enough votes I think.

I wisch you good luck.  :booze:


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I will see if a few friends can vote too.
I also saw you tagged your game as casual, I didn´t steam was taking those too.